Welcome your newcomers with a 100% custom virtual onboarding experience
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A well-structured onboarding program can improve the retention rate of newcomers by 82%

Increase newcomers retention and engagement through an online onboarding experience

Welcoming newcomers with a tailor-made interactive gaming experience is a top-of-the-range way of supporting them. Whether you want to introduce them to the company, its history and values, or train them on a specific content, we offer several onboarding formats that we co-design with your HR teams.

Onboarding Game

Virtual onboarding for newcomers

At Emeraude Escape, digital onboarding is brought to the next level with gamification. With our custom digital onboarding games, we help world’s leading companies deliver the frictionless experience to maximize employee engagement from day one. The game elements such as points, rewards, leaderboard, scoring systems and progression tracking are the best assets to create employee engagement, productivity and motivation. This is particularly true for the onboarding process. Right from the beginning, companies and newcomers will learn about each other in an in-depth and unbiased manner.

Here are some key points about our tailor-made Digital Onboarding experience:

  • 100% designed to the client DNA
  • A game that belongs to you 100%
  • A game that can be used as many time as you want
  • Unlimited number of players
  • Responsive on all devices (mobile, tablet & desktop)
  • Accessible from any browser without any download
  • Connectivity API / SSO / LMS
  • Can be updated and enriched at anytime
    Custom KPIs integrated/PowerBI integration
  • Developed in less than 2-month time frame
  • Worldwide coverage: unlimited translation in any language
  • 100% built in-house with 35+ creatives & 15+ developers

Talk to our expert teams to discover how to onboard your newcomers.

Benefits of virtual onboarding

Each onboarding journey is tailored to each position. HR and team leaders can use this to customize learning based on specific skills to be trained within the program, that allows each employee to experience smoother integration into their respective team and to gain better knowledge retention for required skillset.

A virtual orientation can cover a larger audience coming from different departments and automate the sharing of information about the company’s culture, history and values without repeating to each and everyone again and again.


The onboarding process can enriched at any time by the company and the employees. The learning material can be available and accessible throughout the onboarding process and after. The new employees can refer at any time even after joining the company in case of doubt enabling them to gain autonomy and develop required skills faster.

Improve employee retention and decrease turnover with gamification

ST Microelectronics Culture and Values Game

According to a survey conducted by Glassdoor, a well-structured onboarding experience helps improve employee retention rate by 82%. The study also found that a positive onboarding experience results in greater employee engagement, greater job satisfaction, increased productivity and a stronger connection between employees and the company. Moreover, companies with great onboarding programs can improve newcomers’ productivity by 70%, further mentioned in the survey. These results suggest that investing in an effective onboarding program can have a significant impact on the business success and new employees retention.

Gamification, is the process of applying rules, mechanics and principles specific to the world of games to new environments. The goal of gamification is to motivate and engage users, to make a more pleasant experience with more fun and more entertainment.

The integration of gamification into employee onboarding strategies has the potential to retain top talents and build a sustainable and resilient workforce. By making the onboarding and employee development process memorable and personalized, HR will significantly reduce turnover rates and enhance overall employee satisfaction, contributing to the organization’s success.

This concept is particularly working when onboarding millennials and generation Z. They are attracted to interactive and digital concepts because it’s what they’ve grown up around and digital technology is their mother tongue. It is estimated that millennials represent 50% and generation Z represents 24% of employees today across the globe.

Gamified virtual onboarding for employer branding

Custom Virtual Escape Room
Gamification implemented in virtual onboarding exposes the companies to one of the most innovative evaluation methods to measure effectiveness of their employees. It also offers the most exciting experience integrating into a team and boosts their employer branding.

Reducing employee stress
A well-designed digital game establishes a welcoming atmosphere, instilling confidence and sparking curiosity in newcomers. The game creates a secure environment where mistakes are accepted, and questions can be freely raised without the fear of failure.

Creating a positive employer brand
A tailored game aligned with your company’s identity cultivates a powerful first impression, effectively conveying your values and history with dynamic communications. It showcases your expertise and commitment in onboarding, nurturing and consistently attracting top talents.

Sisecam-Serious Game

Enhancing collaboration and team cohesion
Games can be played in two different modes: solo and multiplayer. This is the edge of gamification over any other methods of onboarding. It promotes social interaction and empathy. As a result, the employees across your organization benefit from cooperative collaboration and they feel at ease working in teams since the beginning.


Elevating employee engagement and productivity
The strongest performance of gamified onboarding is to be able to set clear objectives and track the evolution of performance in each step towards these objectives. Companies can engage the employees with intriguing games filled with meaningful objectives such as promoting your employer brand, creating a sense of belonging and motivating through shared values. The engaged employees improve their productivity instinctively.

As a result, your company/brand gains more awareness, recognition and equity.
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Immersive onboarding experience by Emeraude

Emeraude x LVMH Vivo

Our creative and technical teams at Emeraude Escape can help your HR and digital innovation department to deliver memorable and immersive onboarding experiences with gamification.

Our digital onboarding games will enable you to showcase your expertise and present your brand, culture and values in an engaging way. Your organization can eradicate the major problems that regularly arise through gamification:

  • How to engage employees effectively
  • How to retain talents
  • How to nourish emerging leaders

We offer custom branded game formats that will meet your learning objectives and key messages. Your games will be created in the virtual universe of your brand based on your brand DNA and identity. All our virtual games are available in both 2D and 3D and can be playable on computer, mobiles and tablets.

Lastly, we can provide any KPIs to help you improve your onboarding solution and employee experience. The game can be connected to PowerBI and can be integrated into any LMS.

Sample KPIs that can be measured on an onboarding journey

  • Numbers of employees trained
  • Completion rate
  • Skills improvement
  • Productivity rate
  • Satisfaction rate
  • Engagement rate

The unique game experience can be crafted utilizing these game elements:

  • Points and rewards
  • Badges and achievements
  • Leaderboards and rankings
  • Puzzles and challenges
  • Social interaction and sharing
  • Customized avatars
  • Solo and multiplayer mode
  • Built-in chat, audio and video
Accyb emeraude game

To offer you the best gamified immersive onboarding experience and to create lasting impression on your new hires, you have varieties of game formats to choose from.

  • Metaverse for 360 experience fully interactive, immersive and evolving game experience
  • Speed gaming for ultimate collaboration focused on one-on-one battle
  • Virtual escape room for story-based learning experience
  • Hybrid workshop for dynamic atmosphere in physical environment powered by digital game

Our game designers will be delighted to answer if you have any specific questions!

Dior Immersive Onboarding

Dior onboarding game, designed to be accessible in 19 languages and playable on iOS, Android, and desktop, has been played in 98 countries by Dior newcomers and retailers. A true luxury sense is embedded in this immersive onboarding game and it is seamlessly integrated into Teach on Mars’ LMS, providing the onboarding process for hundreds of Dior newcomers around the world each week. Through 5 chapters and a quiz recap in 3D, Emeraude Escape successfully brought Dior’s timeless story to life.

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Axpo strategic seminar

Axpo, the largest renewable energy company in Switzerland collaborated with Emeraude Escape to create a custom virtual game for their annual management meeting to onboard the strategic ideas to its key employees. This game for strategic management meeting with 450 employees was set in 2050. Axpo’s ingenious engineers have pioneered an unrivaled renewable energy network. However, an AI threat freezes production sites worldwide. As part of the Expo Special Secret team, the 450 employees were invited to play the game and embarked on a mission to unfreeze facilities in an hour to save the interconnected world economy.

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Microsoft Reonboarding

To re-onboard their employees, strengthen connection and rediscovery, they organized a hybrid treasure hunt escape room. Through digital content on their smartphones, employees explored the campus, solving puzzles and clues that align with learning objectives and outcomes of Team Building activity. This engaging and cooperative game created a friendly atmosphere on the ‘back together’ day at Microsoft, helping employees learn more about their workplace and get to know their coworkers anew while having fun.

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Onboarding game designed and developed by Emeraude Escape for Wavestone

Wavestone, one of the most prominent IT service management companies in France organized a virtual onboarding seminar for more than 300 new recruits. With the objective of encouraging collaborations, creating team cohesion and improving communications between consultants and their managers, Emeraude Escape developed a digital game that conveyed the group’s culture, values and their corporate strategy. The newcomers learned all the key components to build a successful team and to increase the overall performance of organization access via this custom branded game.

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Numbers back up the reason why you need to strategize your onboarding

In recent years, numerous studies concerning satisfaction at work have been conducted. The onboarding clearly appears as a key factor in terms of job fulfillment:

  • 4% of employees leave their job after a disastrous first day
  • 22% of employees leave their job after 45 days
  • The employees who benefited from an onboarding have 58% chances to be still present 3 years after they arrived
  • 86% of new employees decide to stay and leave the company during the 6 first months they are hired

The average cost of a new employee for an organization is more than 4000 euros. Taking into account that an employee in his or her first year cost his or her organization 3 times his salary, onboarding is clearly a strategic moment to convince him or her. A successful onboarding can as a result increase talent retention by 82% and productivity by 70%.

Besides, 88% of employees believe that onboarding of their organization is not good enough, there is thus a large room to improve the welcoming process intended for newcomers.

Ready to create your own virtual onboarding game? Contact us!

Depending on its complexity, it takes from 20 days to 3 months to design a tailor-made digital game for the onboarding of new employees.

There is no limit of players because you own 100% of the game. You can use it as many times as you want. Our servers can welcome up to 200,000 players simultaneously.

Creating a tailor-made digital game for the onboarding of new employees requires a team of more than 8 people (Game Designers, designers, developers …). The cost is available upon request through our contact form.


  • Transmission of values and corporate culture.

  • Team cohesion and creation of links between employees.

  • Encourages active participation through play.

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