A dedicated security IT team ensures that the highest level of protection is achieved

Security & data protection are fundamental priorities at Emeraude Escape

Privacy policy, network security, infrastructure, backup processes, GDPR…etc.

A dedicated team ensures that the highest level of protection is achieved and constantly monitored, reviewed and improved to exceed the utmost IT standards.

We perform penetration tests several times a year to audit and consolidate the security of our infrastructure.


Emeraude Escape implements the ISO 27001 information security policy

  • General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
  • Full Data Encryption Compliant
  • Password Hashing
  • Transport Layers Security (TLS)
  • Single Sign-On (SSO) Authentication
  • Penetration Tests & Vulnerability Analysis
  • Stress Test
  • Multi factor authentication for all systems
  • Google Armor
  • WAF


Hosting can be done on Emeraude Escape’s infrastructure or on the company’s own.

The hosting is done on Kubernetes clusters on Google Cloud. All processed data is stored in the European Union.

Emeraude’s expertise allows to host games on AWS or Azure, if requested by the customer.

Up to 200,000 players simultaneously

Emeraude has a strong DevOps know-how allowing to reach peaks of 200,000 players simultaneously.

China: The Great Firewall

Emeraude’s teams have the expertise to ensure the playability of games in China.

Integration – SSO and API

Emeraude can connect digital games to your SSO and to any API.

Technology Used

This technology allows people to play on any type of device (computer, mobile, tablet) without any download.

Stack emeraude

All technical documentation of the Emeraude infrastructure is available upon request via our contact form.

Mystery game

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You now have access to the larger game developed especially for our visitors.
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