Case Study

Dior Onboarding and Microlearning Gamified Experience

Dior Immersive Onboarding

Part 1 – Onboarding and Sales Enablement Training game
Part 2 – 5-min Microlearning game for the launch of Dior Rouge lipstick

Target group:
Dior retailers worldwide


Dior Mobile Learning

The Teach on Mars ‘Summer University’ event held in 2023, brought together global retail education leaders across luxury, technology, retail and finance sectors. Some major brands presented their most innovative learning experiences and one of them was mobile learning experience shared by Dior Retail Education – Dior Immersive Onboarding Game, designed and developed by Emeraude Escape.

When the bar is set so high, it’s better to keep the momentum, meaning that Dior wanted to reproduce the rewarding experience for its employees and entrusted Emeraude to create another interactive digital experience for microlearning targeted at its beauty advisors in the event of new campaign launch – Dior Rouge.

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Part 1 – Immersive Onboarding Experience

To onboard all Dior newcomers globally, Dior imagined an immersive universe to represent its Maison and its creator. This mobile learning game is integrated into Teach on Mars LMS and playable on iOS, Android and desktop.

It has been played in 98 countries and the feedback from the players around the world has been really positive with average satisfaction rate 4.8/5.

Through 5 chapters and a final recap quiz in 3D, Emeraude successfully brought Dior’s timeless story to life.

Redefining Digital Learning

Dior Couture
Dior onboarding quizz

Dior Fragrance
Dior onboarding quizz

Dior Skincare
Dior onboarding quizz

Dior Make-up
Dior onboarding quizz

Part 2 – 5-min microlearning for Dior Rouge launch

For the launch of the new Dior Rouge lipstick campaign featuring the brand’s newest muse, Anya Taylor-Joy, Dior collaborated with Emeraude again to create an interactive learning solution for its beauty advisors. The request was very precise: a microlearning solution which is lightweight and can be easily accessible on the mobile devices by Dior beauty advisors from their workplace, with a learning time limited to less than 5 minutes.

Thanks to this dynamic microlearning, thousands of beauty advisors have been trained every week since the launch, exploring the secrets of the Dior Rouge product range, the product’s history, sales techniques, and the 3 brand ambassadors of the campaign. The game, available in 19 languages, can be played on both iOS and Android devices, as well as tablets, with or without an internet connection.

Dior Microlearning Opening Scene

Sales Training to Provide An Outstanding Customer Experience

DiorRouge Microlearning

This customer experience-focused microlearning was cleverly crafted by Dior and Emeraude to provide the learners with tips and tricks to reach out to the new customer base of luxury sector, Generation Z and to have an edge on e-commerce platforms. The beauty advisors learn to provide exceptional and personalised customer experience by adapting their approach based on the demographics of their clients.

For both Dior and Emeraude, with this microlearning, challenge arose, entrusted, accepted and annihilated.

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