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Based in Paris, Montréal and Dubai, Emeraude operates globally, working with world’s largest companies for digital gamified learning and branding experiences.

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We design and develop interactive learning experiences to engage your employees with your organization, and immersive branding experiences to connect your audience with your brand.

Emeraude Interactive Learning

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For your employee engagement, development, training and awareness

  • Corporate Escape Room Games
  • Serious Games
  • Corporate Metaverse
  • Speed Gaming

For your brand engagement, customer acquisition and retention

  • Advergames
  • Arcade games
  • Marketing games
  • Brand activation games

What we offer

Emeraude Services

Learning and branding experiences that give results

All our game solutions are 100% tailor-made to provide our clients with fully branded and personalized experience. Emeraude is not just a creative agency: all our creative solutions are powered by the gamification that generates results for motivation, participation, retention, acquisition, completion, and a better knowledge assimilation. All these KPIs are measurables in all of our games.

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Global partnerships: collaborating with industry leaders worldwide


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“At diptyque, creation always starts with a first impression and it is exactly what happened with Emeraude: a new, highly immersive and multisensorial digital experience designed to make the learners travel and develop their imagination.”

Case study


Momentum, I think that’s the right word, the level of commitment shown from the management was extraordinary regarding this serious game, which delivered an experience that could relate to everyone.”

Case study

“Training courses gamification is particularly effective in achieving the objectives and promoting learning as it requires active participation from learners resulting in quicker and more profound engagement and understanding of the content provided.”

Case study

“Working with Emeraude team is always a pleasure. The collaboration with the team and overall experience was extremely positive. The team is really involved and dedicated. We wanted to be sure to offer a user-friendly experience and Emeraude team worked hard to improve the player experience.”

Case study

“We were very impressed with the creative minds at Emeraude, they took the operating room content that they had no experience with, and made it into a really fun escape room.”

Case study

“The game was very well received by both the clients and our internal company network. They found the game very immersive, very well developed, very well designed and quite user-friendly. Our clients were very happy about it, we were also very happy with the outcome, it was a success.”

Case study

Mystery game

We have hidden several mini-games on our website, complete 3 of them to access a digital game developed especially for our visitors.


You are one step closer to our digital game, complete mini-games to unlock it.


You now have access to the larger game developed especially for our visitors.
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