Digital Escape Room

Players will have to search, open chests, discover new rooms, and solve a series of puzzles in a limited time.
Virtual Escape Room

We design bespoke Digital Escape Room 100% customized to your brand DNA and identity with unique Puzzles & Scenarios created according to your key messages. Created 5 years ago, we are today the European leader in the corporate Escape Room business.

Custom Virtual Escape Room

Emeraude Digital Escape Rooms are exactly like Escape Rooms in real life. Players play alone or in teams to solve puzzles and riddles and perform activities in a limited time. They must search over digital rooms and interact with objects to receive clues and move on to the next task.

We co-create everything; you have an objective to achieve and we design the Escape Room activity according to your objective.  If you want to know more about budget or timeline, reach out to us through our contact form.

Here are some key points about our Digital Escape Room

  • 100% designed to the client DNA
  • A game that belongs to you 100%
  • A game that can be used as many time as you want
  • Unlimited number of players
  • Responsive on all devices (mobile, tablet & desktop)
  • Accessible from any browser without a download
  • Can be updated and enriched at anytime
  • Custom KPIs integrated/PowerBI integration
  • Connectivity API / SSO / LMS
  • Developed in less than 2-month time frame
  • Worldwide coverage: unlimited translation in any language
  • 100% built in-house with 35 creatives & 15 developers

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Our Different Modes

We have two main options for digital Escape Room, each fully customizable. In addition, we can create any type of story or theme you want in both modes.

2D or 3D 

Both our 2D and 3D Escape Rooms are ultra-realistic. Players will feel like they are exploring environments in real life with high-definition graphics and vivid visual details. The choice of visual format will depend on many criteria such as the nature of your project, your objectives, your budget and the key messages that you want to pass via the game. We will guide you towards the most suitable format based on your brief.

Solo and/or Multiplayer

Players can work in small and large teams in both solo and/or multiplayer Escape Rooms. We can design activities that require players to communicate with each other, perform similar tasks, and collaborate on puzzles. Our digital games are designed to motivate cooperation and learning and with several gameplay modes to explore, we can provide you with the unparalleled gamified experience.

2D/3D Custom Virtual Escape Room

solo/multiplayer Custom Virtual Escape Room

Features that Set Emeraude Apart from its Competitors

Automated Game Master
A virtual assistant will oversee each escape room. If a player has a question or needs a hint, the game master can provide the necessary information.

Solo and multiplayer mode
The players have the possibility to choose to play alone or with others for a more interactive experience.

Integrated Video, Audio & Chat
You can choose the option to integrate video, audio and chat for your employees to interact with each other. We also offer the integration of external platforms like Teams, Zoom & Meet.

Player Tracking
Players can keep track of their real-time progress and the ones of other players in all our digital games. This allows to enhance the cohesion between the players.

The player can see his ranking according to his score or time taken. There are many types for ranking system:

  • Live ranking: Players can see the progress of the others and the other teams in live. This allows to create more challenge.
  • Ranking at the end of the game: Players can see their ranking compared to the others or other teams when they finish the game.
  • Specific ranking: Players can see their ranking compared to the other country, regions/areas, services, etc. This is recommended to create challenges between many sites.

At the end of each session, we produce a leaderboard so everyone knows how the other teams performed.

We define all the mechanics together with you to reward points to players (time, answers given, search, etc.)

Point Rewards
We create a platform to convert points gained during the game to rewards (gifts, goodies, or even donations to an association)

Personalized Back Office
We work hand in hand with you for a customized back office that allows you to access to KPIs of each participant at any moment (time taken, number of mistakes by puzzles…) We can also connect the game to your PowerBI in order to collect player’s performance.

Customized Avatar
Players can use personalized avatars with custom features however they like.

Need help figuring out what features should go into your escape room? Use our guided search to get ideas now!

Case Studies

Emeraude has worked with dozens of top-tier companies on escape rooms and other gamified training methods.

Medical training virtual escape room


AORN is a membership association that trains and provides resources for nurses. We designed three virtual escape rooms for their nurses, training them in how to retrieve surgical items and assign tasks to people. The players reported they were more engaged and interactive with our applied games than with other forms of training. They also had more fun and retained memories of their training for longer periods than with other methods.

Lacome Beauty Advisor Training


Lancôme contacted us to gamify eight of their training courses for their beauty advisors. We made virtual escape rooms in ten languages, each one highlighting a different product and containing a unique visual style. Each room has three parts, letting the employees learn about the benefits of three new products. Employees learned how to describe and sell products to customers in an engaging fashion.

Serious Escape Room Game for Sustainability


a-Maze has entrusted Emeraude to create two serious games for CSR training to raise awareness on social and environmental impact that the luxury industry has caused through supply chain and operations, and to shed light on the complexity of sustainable development in agri-food sector. These interactive escape room games explain how companies can combine gamification and social responsibility training for an exceptional employee training experience.

cluedo virtual escape room mini game

Au Bureau

Au Bureau” a bar/restaurant chain, a subsidiary of Groupe Bertrand, the French-owned biggest restaurant group have developed three mini-games series for their B2C marketing campaign that focused on customer retention & engagement. Their first collaboration with us is a mini marketing game, developed as Cluedo virtual escape room. Followed by the success of their first virtual escape room, they continued two more collaborations with us within a year.

Benefits of Digital Escape Rooms

Digital Escape Rooms aren’t just fun activities for your workers to do on special occasions. Our games train and prepare your employees for numerous activities in the workplace. The ideal activities would be Team Building, Collaboration and Skill Training.

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Digital Escape Room activities and training offer a dynamic, interactive, and effective learning experience that fosters teamwork, practical application of skills, and the development of crucial competencies for success in various domains.

Here are some benefits you can have through Digital Escape Room Training:

1. Engaging and Immersive Learning Experience: Provide a highly engaging learning experience by placing participants in interactive and challenging scenarios, they actively participate in problem-solving and decision-making, leading to a more memorable and effective learning process.

2. Teamwork and Collaboration: This stimulates effective communication, cooperation, and synergy within a group. Participants learn to work together, leverage each other’s strengths, and delegate tasks, leading to improved team dynamics and enhanced collaboration skills.

3. Practical Application of Skills and Knowledge: Participants can apply their skills and knowledge in a simulated environment, making decisions, solving problems, and utilizing critical thinking skills in a realistic setting. This bridges the gap between theory and practice, enhancing the transferability of skills to real-world situations.

4. Skill Development: Promote the development of various skills, including problem-solving, critical thinking, creativity, communication, time management, and adaptability. Participants learn to think strategically, analyze information, make decisions under pressure, and effectively communicate and coordinate with team members.

5. Flexibility and Scalability: Digital Escape Room training can be easily accessed remotely, allowing participants to engage in training from any location and at their convenience. Additionally, they can be adapted to accommodate various group sizes, making them suitable for both individual and team-based training.

Data  -Escape Room Game BPCE

Digital Escape Rooms are useful for anyone who needs to go through training. Employees new to your company can learn how to work with others under your company guidelines. Employees who have worked at your company for years can use the activity to hone and update their current skills.

Training on employee awareness is essential in various areas such as cybersecurity, diversity and inclusion, corporate social responsibility, and more. It helps employees understand the risks and impacts of their actions on the company, its customers, and the community. It also empowers them to contribute to the organization’s efforts to promote a safe, inclusive, and socially responsible workplace.

Industries That Use Digital Escape Rooms

The luxury sector has embraced the concept of digital Escape Rooms as a unique and interactive way to engage with their high-end clientele and to sharpen the skills of their talented employees. By offering virtual escape rooms as part of their marketing campaigns or exclusive experiences in their training and education programs, luxury brands can create immersive and memorable encounters that showcase their products or services in an innovative way. These digital Escape Rooms can be tailored to reflect the brand’s values, heritage, or signature elements, providing a curated and personalized journey for participants. By combining storytelling, stunning visuals, and challenging puzzles, digital Escape Rooms in the luxury sector offer a captivating and sophisticated experience that aligns with the refined tastes and expectations of their discerning audience.
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Technology sector has integrated digital Escape Rooms into their training programs as a dynamic and interactive method to enhance employee learning and development. These virtual experiences offer a hands-on approach to training, allowing participants to apply their technical knowledge and problem-solving skills in a simulated environment. By incorporating real-life scenarios and challenges into the Escape Room format, tech companies can effectively simulate workplace situations and test employees’ abilities to troubleshoot, collaborate, and think critically. Digital Escape Rooms provide a safe space for employees to practice and refine their skills, fostering a sense of confidence and competence. Additionally, these virtual training experiences can be easily scaled and accessed remotely, making them a flexible and cost-effective solution for IT companies with distributed teams or global operations. Through digital Escape Rooms, they can create engaging and immersive training experiences that ensure their workforce is equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in the ever-evolving field of technology.
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Digital Escape Rooms have become a valuable tool in the retail sector’s training programs, enabling effective and engaging learning experiences for employees. Retailers utilize virtual escape rooms to simulate real-world scenarios that employees may encounter in their roles, such as digital transformation, customer interactions, inventory management, or visual merchandising challenges. These interactive training modules provide a hands-on approach to learning, allowing employees to apply their knowledge, problem-solving abilities, and decision-making skills in a virtual setting. By participating in digital Escape Rooms, retail employees can develop critical skills such as teamwork, communication, adaptability, and attention to detail. These training experiences not only improve employee performance but also enhance customer service, as employees are better equipped to handle various situations. Digital Escape Rooms offer a scalable and cost-effective solution for retail training, ensuring that employees are well-prepared and confident in their roles within the ever-evolving retail environment.
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Healthcare institutions utilize virtual Escape Rooms to create realistic scenarios that allow medical and pharmaceutical professionals to practice critical thinking, decision-making, and teamwork in a risk-free environment. These digital experiences can simulate emergency situations, patient care scenarios, or complex medical procedures, providing a platform for the professionals to refine their clinical skills and enhance their ability to work under pressure. Digital Escape Rooms also encourage collaboration among multidisciplinary teams, fostering effective communication and coordination in a simulated healthcare setting. By incorporating gamification elements into healthcare training, digital Escape Rooms make the learning process engaging and enjoyable, while promoting skills development and ensuring the safety.

Financial consulting firms utilize virtual Escape Rooms for their employees to practice their financial analysis, decision-making, data management, cyber security and risk management skills. These digital experiences provide a dynamic and engaging learning environment, where participants can navigate through complex financial puzzles, solve challenges, analyze data, recognize threats and make critical choices. By immersing participants in these virtual scenarios, digital Escape Rooms foster a deeper understanding of potential risks, promote problem-solving abilities, and develop strategic thinking skills. Additionally, virtual Escape Rooms offer a safe space to practice and refine their skills without the risk of real financial consequences. These training experiences in the finance sector ensure that professionals are well-prepared to handle complex situations, make informed decisions, and contribute to the success of their organizations.

Renewable Energy
The virtual environment allows the employees in renewable sector to navigate through renewable energy-related challenges and puzzles, offering a hands-on approach to understanding concepts and processes. By incorporating themes such as solar power, wind energy, or sustainable practices, digital Escape Rooms provide a practical context for learning about renewable energy as well as the company commitment, the strategic planning and the well-being of their employees. Participants are engaged in problem-solving activities that require them to apply their knowledge of renewable technologies, energy efficiency, and environmental sustainability. This interactive learning approach promotes critical thinking, teamwork, and decision-making skills, preparing individuals for the complexities and demands of the renewable industry. Additionally, virtual Escape Rooms enable training to be conducted remotely, making them a flexible and accessible solution for individuals and organizations operating in the renewable sector. Through digital Escape Rooms, the trainings become more engaging, effective, and enjoyable, ultimately contributing to the development of a skilled and knowledgeable workforce in the renewable energy field.

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