Case Study

Wavestone Virtual Seminar – 100% Digital Onboarding


Human resources – Onboarding

Game format:
2D Virtual Escape Room

Newcomers worldwide

Wavestone, IT Service Management Company, France


Consulting firm Wavestone organized a 100% digital integration seminar in June 2021. Over 300 new recruits were invited to the event simultaneously. Wavestone and its Social and Economic Committee (SEC) optimized the event by offering employees around the world a gamified and interactive digital activity.

Wavestone called on Emeraude Escape to create a digital game aimed at uniting teams by creating social interactions not only between new consultants but also with their managers. The game’s purpose was also to convey the company’s values and history throughout the whole experience.

“Pascal Imbert, Wavestone’s CEO, was sent to the year 2031 to ensure the satisfaction of the company’s clients in the future… Unfortunately, it is impossible for him to return to the present and he needs your help! Set out to find him in WavestoneSmartCity, follow the clues left by M. Imbert and bring him back to 2021.”


What was Wavestone’s approach to the remote integration seminar and why did you offer a digital escape game?

“Given the health crisis and the widespread use of teleworking, Wavestone found that the digital game was a great tool to allow learning while having fun on the three themes that make it up: the events and activities offered by the company, the representation of employees as well as their participation in the firm’s strategic issues.

The feedback after the event was positive and quickly demonstrated the added value of this gamified solution. The tool is fully customizable and could be perfectly adapted to Wavestone’s requirements. This was one of the main advantages of Emeraude Escape’s solution.”

How did the conception of the online onboarding game go?

“In order to create the game with Emeraude Escape, the timeframe was short, less than a month. There was no room for improvisation. Our teams had to keep to a guideline both in terms of content and time. The pressure eased as soon as the game could be tested internally by the teams.

The follow-up of the project was constant, there were no issues prior to  the event because everything was clear and transparent from the beginning. The project was perfectly managed by the different Emeraude Escape and Wavestone teams, the collaboration was very successful.

Finally, the biggest challenge was to create an enjoyable experience that would engage all the participants (all very different in age, country of origin, interests). The game was tested internally and the feedback was very satisfactory.”


How did you hear about Emeraude Escape?

“Emeraude Escape had created a game for a French luxury leather goods brand in over 45 countries, and the feedback from that project was very positive, so the company decided to move forward and create its own game. Knowing that it had to be completed in just one month, we had to customize the entire player experience, communicate the most relevant information as well as come up with different game scenes.”

What positive results did you experience after the digital game?

“Since this was the first digital game created for the onboarding seminar in 30 years, the firm was very interested in the employees’ feedback. The score for the game in particular was positive. The overall rating given by the teams to the seminar was also higher, so satisfaction with the event showed a positive trend between the previous edition and the 2021 edition. Wavestone allowed an hour during the seminar for employees to play and learn, but the teams took an average of 24 minutes to finish the game, proof of their enthusiasm and engagement.

The company’s currently working on maintaining this tool for training purposes indefinitely, as the game encourages interactivity and allows people to learn new information through a gamified approach and in a positive environment.”


If you were to recommend us to another company, what would you tell them about Emeraude Escape?

“Among the important advantages, Wavestone benefitted from a complete customization to the needs, image and values of the company as well as the thoroughness and the respect of an ambitious deadline.

The team’s support and availability made its strength. Prior to working with Emeraude Escape, our team had benchmarked three solutions, and Emeraude Escape was superior in terms of visual expertise, gamification, and responsiveness. Corrections were made very quickly after the slightest feedback. The team always wanted to go beyond satisfaction or even excellence. So the results are extremely positive.

The Wavestone team still talks about it internally and externally. With the COVID-19 crisis, there’s was a general examination in regards to new and effective remote communication techniques ; digital gaming in business appears to be a comprehensive tool in terms of content, process and availability.”

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