Our Story

Emeraude Escape was born under the creative impulse of a team passionate about gamification
concepteur jeux digitaux entreprise

Based in Paris,France, Emeraude Escape is driven by a team of +40 specialists passionate about gaming and storytelling.

concepteur jeux digitaux entreprise
concepteur jeux digitaux entreprise
concepteur jeux digitaux entreprise
concepteur jeux digitaux entreprise
January 2018
agence emeraude concepteur jeux digitaux entreprise

The genesis: the Emerald Coast

The beginnings of Emeraude Escape started in Dinard, Brittany where the Emerald Coast (the name given to the region for the color of its sea) inspired the name of the company.

In light of the opening of escape rooms to the general public, Virgile Loisance observed the first mechanics that could be applied in companies (soft skills that stand out in each participant, educational content retained over the long term, serious subjects that become more interesting…) and started proposing the concept to companies across different sectors.

December 2018
agence emeraude concepteur jeux digitaux entreprise

Expansion: Gamification in business

After the positive feedback on the concept and the success of the first escape games in companies, Emeraude Escape moved to Paris to be closer to its clients and extended its field of expertise by offering Escape Rooms for training, prevention, awareness, recruitment and corporate communications.

December 2019
agence emeraude concepteur jeux digitaux entreprise

PrevUp: our first subsidiary

Emeraude Escape creates its first subsidiary, PrevUp, with a catalog of 15 Escape Rooms designed by educational specialists, preventionists and Game Designers. PrevUp offers prevention and awareness Escape Rooms on the themes of safety at work, diversity and inclusion, disability, cybersecurity, sustainable development and many more.

March 2020
agence emeraude concepteur jeux digitaux entreprise

COVID-19 and the new digital era

With the arrival of the COVID-19, Emeraude Escape quickly decided to digitalize all its game concepts and operations. With the creation of a team of developers, the digital solutions were an immediate success and Emeraude Escape quickly became one of the European leaders in the field of digital games for companies.

November 2020
agence emeraude concepteur jeux digitaux entreprise


After solidifying its position as a market leader, Emeraude Escape decided to go international, offering its digital solutions in multiple countries including the United Kingdom, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Germany. The company opened new offices in Canada to cater to the North American market.

June 2021
agence emeraude concepteur jeux digitaux entreprise

The extension to the digital game

In just a few months, Emeraude Escape has become the benchmark for digital Escape Rooms, and in response to client demand for ever more innovative concepts, Emeraude Escape has decided to expand its range of products and services by creating new game formats to enable companies to tackle tomorrow’s issues in terms of communication, training, awareness and cohesion.

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What we propose

Our values


We integrate our client’s DNA and values into every step of the design process: from the development of the scenario to the final delivery. Designed hand in hand with the client, each digital game is unique and is created around the client’s specific guidelines.


We build long-term relationships with our clients thanks to a team that listens, is transparent and accompanies the client throughout the process of creating the digital game. In fact, 2 out of 3 clients request a second game after a successful first collaboration.


Our attention to detail, applied to the development of the scenarios as well as to the finishing of the designs, makes our digital games immersive and highly qualitative.


Our expertise is ensured by a team that includes all the different trades. We design all of our games in-house, without subcontracting, which allows us to be the most competitive and responsive.

Key figures

Memory mode

Mystery game

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