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Technologies Used in the Metaverse for Business

The Metaverse has a lot in store for the future socializing, work, and play, but it wouldn’t be possible without the cutting edge technology that powers it.

What is the Metaverse?

The metaverse is a network of 3D virtual environments focused on social interaction.The virtual environments that function within the Metaverse for business are created using a variety of technologies developed to gamify and enhance the digital world. This collection of technologies enable participants, businesses, and entrepreneurs to create and be a part of immersive and interactive experiences within a virtual world. Some of the key technologies that encompass the Metaverse technologies as of today are Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), and 3D reconstruction. These Metaverse technologies propel gamification to new heights.

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What is AR in the Metaverse for Business?

AR allows users to alter the real world by employing and intertwining digital visual elements and characters. Typically AR is compatible with practically any smartphone or digital device that has a camera, making it one of the more easily accessed technologies. One of the most notable examples of this technology used in gamification was the launch of Pokemon Go. Using AR, players were able to gamify their real-world environments and use the application and camera to find digital characters in the real-world. The game was a hit not only due to the notoriety of Pokemon but also the use of this technology and amassed over 150 million users by 2019.

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What is VR in the Metaverse for Business?

Virtual Reality refers to a computer-generated 3D world that can be explored and interacted with typically through a headset. It is aimed to remove the player or participant entirely from the real world and immerse them into a new virtual world. VR has grown to be extremely realistic thanks to 3D cameras, making it a true asset for businesses. Oculus, bought by Facebook (now Meta) for 2 billion dollars, is one of the most popular VR headsets used to experience VR. And recently, Apple, entered the virtual reality market with a virtual reality headset the “Apple Vision Pro” More than a virtual headset, the brand presents it as a computer, with all the functionalities of a computer. With Apple’s VR headset, the boundary between the real and virtual worlds is very fine, as it allows us to move from one world to the other at the click of a finger, and to experience both simultaneously. Real technological innovations, VR is constantly evolving and conquering the technological environment.

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What is 3D reconstruction?

3D reconstruction, which is the process of recreating environments with 3D technology, has been around for some time, however has become more popular with the rise of other technologies like VR. 3D reconstruction is meant to create a digital world to appear as close as possible to the real world and be navigated as such in gaming environments. The use of 3D in gamification has been one of the key elements in heightened immersion and realism amongst game environments that players love. Emeraude Escape, the leading corporate escape game designer in Europe, is using advanced 3D reconstruction to amplify its digital escape games made for the Metaverse, enhancing and transforming the experience of corporate learning, gamification within the corporate world, and gamification within marketing.

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Metaverse without VR - Emeraude Escape

Integrating AI into the metaverse

Artificial Intelligence emerged in the 1950s, with the aim of imitating human intelligence using computer programs. This technology is capable of solving complex problems by analyzing data sets. In this way, it facilitates decision-making and process automation. Integrated with the Metaverse, it is capable of real prowess, generating dynamic content that accentuates immersion in the metaverse. Always with the idea of immersion in mind, AI analyzes user preferences and behaviors to adapt metaverse environments to their needs and preferences. AI plays a full part in creating a bridge between the virtual and the real, turning the metaverse into an immersive creative space.

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Metaverse and IoT – a winning combination?

With recent technological advances, we and our devices are becoming increasingly connected. The IoT refers to all connected networks, and this connection simplifies interaction between devices and the cloud, as well as between each other. The combination of metaverse and IoT reinforces the immersive feel of the metaverse by connecting real-life objects to the metaverse. The IoT also makes it possible to interact, communicate and respond with these connected devices within the metaverse, creating a dynamic, personalized user experience. What’s more, IoT integrates seamlessly into the metaverse, blurring the boundaries between the virtual and real worlds.

Are Metaverse Technologies Sustainable?

Sustainability is a steadily rising concern amongst corporations and brands as they try to shift as many processes as possible to be more eco-friendly. Technology within the Metaverse is highly dependent on data storage run by data centers which has been notorious for not being sustainable. However, key players and cloud service providers like Google are working to change this narrative and create a more sustainable future for these technologies with pledges to run data centers completely on carbon-free energy by 2030.

Aside, the Metaverse allows participants to live out everyday moments from anywhere including their homes which could reduce much of the need to travel and permit gamified learning for sectors that require high carbon emissions from onsite training and equipment through digital learning, putting the Metaverse on the right track to a more sustainable future.

Metaverse technologies are advancing everyday and providing opportunities to revolutionize our world by creating access to a new one. 

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