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Serious Games in the Metaverse

Since the first corporate Serious Games, the technologies have moved forward. The cloud, and now the metaverse are key turning points for the future of online training. Multiplayer mode, integrated visio & chat, avatars, scoring system, live leaderboard, online scoring … It’s a brand new dimension that opens up for Serious Games.

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The evolution of Serious Games in the metaverse

For organizations, the Serious Game is an immersive, recreational & educational tool. It helps them conveying messages while inviting their audiences to take up challenges. Used in the metaverse, it already drives results for education and training purpose essentially thanks to these 4 assets:

  • Active pedagogy
  • Immersion
  • Fun
  • Interactivity

metaverse serious game

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Employees already expect their digital training to be more dynamic and funnier in formats going in the direction of  Metaverse. 72% of employees wish a gamification of their training with digital games.

In parallel, Metaverse will develop at a very fast pace in the upcoming years. Mc Kinsey anticipates the metaverse market will reach 5 billion USD by 2030. This acceleration will also impact organizations.  Actually, according to Mark Purdy for the Harvard Business Review the Metaverse seems set to reshape the world of work  in several ways including with an acceleration of learning and gamification.

Consequently, the combination of metaverse and Serious Game thus represents a world of opportunities for organizations looking to innovate and/or to offer gamified virtual experiences. In this respect, its impact is very strong when it comes to develop or diversify employees’ skill or raise their awareness on a specific issue.

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Serious Games in the metaverse: a response to the challenge of employee training

Goals made easier

With metaverse, the gamification of training moves to the next level. It’s an amazing opportunity for organizations to offer their employees Serious Games even more immersive and more engaging. The attractiveness of this recreational and educational tool is called to develop. Why? On one hand, it fosters information retention and encourages learning. On the other, it helps having fun in a virtual world with colleagues from all over the world.

Consequently, for an organization, a Serious Game in the metaverse represents the promise to meet training objectives even more efficiently and more easily. At Emeraude Escape, we have already imagined and developed several tailor-made Serious Games in the metaverse for our clients. The metaverse and the gamification form such a powerful alliance that the engagement and participation have always gone beyond their expectations.

This is critical when you think corporate Serious Game can meet different types of objectives.

  • Training goals
  • Awareness raising goals
  • Prevention goals
  • Acculturation goals
  • Team-building goals
  • or even Communication goals

metaverse serious game

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A technological challenge

The metaverse is also a large technological challenge. At Emeraude Escape, we have already taken up this challenge with our digital expertise. We create experiences in the metaverse with avatars, advanced score system, live leaderboards with integrated visio, audio and chat integrated in the same game. In short, elements to create a deeply immersive platform in the metaverse for employees.

You want to see what a serious game in the metaverse looks like and discuss with our experts about how to take advantage of this technological progress to strengthen participation and engagement around your corporate messages?  Contact us for a demo

The technology: at Emeraude, no need of virtual reality headsets to be projected into the Metaverse. You can access our Serious Games in the Metaverse via a simple link, without download, on computer or smartphone and they can be integrated in SCORM in your LMS.

metaverse serious game

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