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Solutions for companies amid the Metaverse market in recession


  • A new way of communicating and collaborating thanks to the metaverse
  • The metaverse: a field of innovation for companies in the digital age
  • The metaverse: a promising but not yet fully developed platform?
  • Emeraude Miniverse: a solution better adapted to the needs of companies and employees
  • AI
  • Did AI really kill the metaverse?
  • Proof that AI and the metaverse can coexist
  • Virtual learning: a promising field for both the metaverse and AI

After announcing in 2022 about the decision to join the metaverse, Disney, Meta and Microsoft finally decided to withdraw. As influencers, their decision has already impacted the metaverse market.

Despite its resounding beginnings, one wonders if the metaverse market is not experiencing a slowdown. In the face of this recessionary situation, which companies are coming up with innovative solutions to maintain this competitive advantage?

Metaverse and AI I Emeraude Escape

A new way to communicate and collaborate thanks to the metaverse

The idea of the metaverse is to create a common, shared online space allowing users to connect, communicate, and experience in an immersive and collaborative way as if they were physically present in the same place. The metaverse is considered by some to be an internet evolution offering infinite possibilities for social interaction and content creation.

The metaverse: an innovation field for companies in the digital age

The concept of the metaverse has appealed to many companies, who have subsequently made the decision to integrate it.

Disney, Microsoft, and Meta are examples. These companies saw in the metaverse a way to reinvent and diversify their offer for their customers.

If the metaverse has conquered companies so quickly, it is because it offers new opportunities. It reinvents the way companies communicate and sell, and can even serve as a springboard for companies.

It is a tool perfectly adapted to the era of time and particularly of digital. It’s a digital tool that allows for interactive and immersive experiences. The metaverse offers companies a new way of communicating, which is essential today, given the amount of advertising space. It is also a ground for innovation, allowing the creation and testing of new features, but also a setting that offers the possibility to employees to work and collaborate in a virtual environment in real-time, and thus facilitate training and collaboration.

The metaverse is also an opportunity to strengthen user engagement by offering immersive experiences, allowing the target audience to interact with the company’s world and products. This was one of the objectives of Disney for example, to make the brand more attractive by inviting the target to immerse themselves in the universe and interact with the famous characters of the universe.

In addition to being an innovative and entertaining tool, the metaverse also allows the collection of data to better target consumers and personalize their experiences.

Moreover, joining the metaverse is also a way for technology and IT companies such as Meta and Microsoft to position themselves in this market and reinforce their leadership position.

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Metaverse and AI

The metaverse, a promising platform but not quite finished?

But in view of all the opportunities that the metaverse represented, what explains this recession? At first, despite an innovative and promising concept, the metaverse had to face many apprehensions.

Some people point out that the metaverse is nothing but a tool to reinforce the addiction to new technologies and their drifts such as:

Addiction and social isolation: The immersion and ease of use of the metaverse can make some users addicted to virtual reality, leading to a neglect of their real life and social isolation. Users should be aware of these potential negative effects and maintain a healthy balance between virtual and real life. Metaverse platforms can also encourage responsible and healthy use of their services to prevent these negative effects.

Security and privacy breach: Users may be exposed to security risks such as computer viruses, hackers, scams, and identity theft, as well as privacy issues if personal data is collected and used without their consent.

It was also pointed out that the metaverse is a difficult world to access. It is frequently required to have a virtual reality headset and a device with a virtual reality interface. Moreover, even if at first sight, the metaverse is a concept that took shape only very recently, it is also a very competitive field, and many companies are joining it little by little.

There are multiple constraints that companies must take into account before diving into the world of the metaverse.

Companies may face obstacles such as high costs to create a presence in the metaverse, increased competition for user and customer attention, online reputation risks, and the complexity of navigating in a virtual environment. To create a successful presence, companies must address these obstacles by investing in the design and development of virtual worlds, managing a team to handle online activities, advertising, complying with the specific rules and regulations of each virtual world, and managing their online reputation.

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Furthermore, the metaverse is a technology that requires certain prerequisites such as technological infrastructure, access to the Internet, digital literacy, and a certain level of economic and social development. However, not all countries seem to have all these requirements, which could pose challenges for the widespread use of the Metaverse and which questions its accessibility for some so-called “emerging” countries.

Despite its enthusiasm, the metaverse is a promising but large-scale project that still requires a few years of research and development.

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Emeraude Miniverse: a solution better adapted to the needs of companies and employees

Metaverse emeraude escape

Despite the scale of the project, some companies like ours at Emeraude Escape have decided to prioritize the metaverse. The metaverse is a very promising platform for companies, it is a large platform, but contrary to what we think, it is possible for a company to adapt it to its means, its image, and its needs. In order to offer a metaverse that is accessible to both companies and customers, Emeraude has created a platform with 3 clear objectives:

1. Engage
2. Connect
3. Play

The goal is to provide employees with a platform that can be accessed with a simple click, without downloads or VR headsets from all your devices (smartphones, tablets, computers…). While offering a wide range of features such as a 2D or 3D environment, personalized avatar, video, audio, and chat integrated, a personalized back office with KPIs, etc…

For this, we decided not to create a metaverse but a miniverse. The miniverse is a custom-made universe that includes all the features of the metaverse while adapting to each company and its needs. Thus they can benefit from the functions of the metaverse but in an adapted and targeted way.

Emeraude Miniverse

Moreover, Emeraude miniverse has many advantages:

In addition to being accessible in one click and without hardware, you can access it on any of your devices without downloading. It allows you to create an intimate setting that reflects each company image, it evolves and renews itself constantly according to their wishes, each area is dedicated to a goal and it allows you to target an audience and achieve specific objectives.

In short, the Emeraude metaverse is an excellent alternative to the existing metaverse. It has been created to help you achieve your internal and external corporate objectives, it will allow you to create engagement and build links with your target. In the context of a company, it will allow you to fluidify the exchanges between your employees, and strengthen your corporate culture.

You are looking to gamify your employee’s working experiences? Explore your options with Emeraude Escape.


The metaverse has been for a long time the main topic in the technology sector, but little by little it tends to lose popularity to the benefit of AI. AI is a very promising technology, so much so that some think it could cause the end of the metaverse. Let’s take a look at it.

Did AI really kill the metaverse?

There are many obstacles facing the metaverse, but the one that seems to be increasingly worrying for the metaverse is artificial intelligence. As dependent as they are competitive, these two new technologies continue to seduce companies.

Metaverse and AI

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a field of computer science that focuses on creating intelligent machines that can perform tasks that normally require human intelligence. AI is a tool that makes life easier in business on a daily basis, it allows, among other things, to automate repetitive and tedious tasks, and allows humans to focus on more creative and equally important tasks. In some cases, AI can perform tasks with much higher accuracy than humans, reducing errors and improving the quality of work. AI is being increasingly exploited which has simultaneously led to a slight slowdown in the growth of the metaverse. Since the metaverse is a long-term project, some brands have preferred to invest in shorter-term projects like AI.

Why is AI a promising technology? Because it is taking a more and more important place in our daily life without us realizing it. If AI is more and more solicited today, it is because we are constantly looking for a way to make our daily life easier, improve our results, and provide personalized solutions. In everyday life, AI takes different forms:

Voice assistants: Systems like Apple’s Siri, amazon’s Alexa or even google assistant are all systems that use AI. They allow to offer users personalized solutions and assist them during certain tasks.

Algorithms: Algorithms are frequently used, for example on search engines, social networks, etc… Their purpose is to sort results according to their relevance and importance, in order to offer personalized content to the user.

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Proof that AI and the metaverse can coexist

AI and the metaverse are concepts that go back many decades. The concept of Artificial Intelligence dates back to the 1950s when researchers began to explore the possibility of creating machines that could reproduce human behavior in order to automate certain tasks. As for the metaverse, its origins although more recent go back to the ’90s, the term “metaverse” was popularized in the ’90s by Neal Stephenson in his science fiction novel “Snow Crash”. But these two concepts have only recently become popular thanks to technological advances.

Today, many companies have decided to take advantage of the two technologies that are AI and the metaverse. They have understood that there is an advantage in combining these two tools, rather than confronting them. Some examples:

  • Facebook: Facebook had recently announced that it would invest heavily in the development of the metaverse. The company planned to create a virtual world where users could interact with objects and people in real-time. Facebook is also using AI to recommend personalized content to users and to detect abusive behavior on its platform.
  • Tencent: Tencent is a Chinese company that uses the metaverse and AI in its video games. For example, the game Honor of Kings uses AI to customize characters and scenarios based on individual player preferences.
  • Nvidia: Nvidia is a company specialized in graphics cards and processors. It also develops technologies related to AI and the metaverse. For example, the Omniverse platform allows users to create realistic virtual worlds using real-time rendering techniques.

Another area where these technologies will surely be essential in the next few years is virtual learning. Numerous studies have shown that the use of these two resources can make training more effective and engaging.

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Virtual learning: a promising field for both the metaverse and AI

Impact of Metaverse in next 10 years

Despite a slight recession, the metaverse remains very promising. The forecasts for the next few years are rather enthusiastic, especially in the field of virtual learning. The metaverse and AI tend to be incorporated more and more in various fields in the coming years.

Virtual learning is a teaching method that uses online technologies such as AI to provide distance learning courses. The main advantage of virtual learning is that it comes in many forms, ranging from a rather classical format such as video or audio to more innovative and interactive formats such as Duolingo or Babbel.

Today, virtual learning is becoming increasingly popular because it facilitates access to education. It is a flexible and versatile tool that adapts to different learning styles, preferences, and availability. Virtual learning is a learning model in full expansion and development. It is a teaching method that began to develop long before covid-19 but has since established itself, not as a complementary tool, but as a real alternative to traditional learning models. The pandemic has highlighted the many advantages of this format and accelerated the transition to virtual learning. Alongside this growth, the concepts of AI and metaverse have seen an acceleration in their development, as many people have sought ways to connect and interact online during periods of confinement and social distancing, or to facilitate their daily lives.

In order to meet today’s challenges, evolve simultaneously with the digital age, and meet the needs of everyone, virtual learning continues to grow. Companies are increasingly using virtual learning to train their employees. AI and the metaverse are a way to optimize the results of virtual learning, but how? AI and metaverse both have their own advantages.

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benefits of metaverse and AI

The AI and the metaverse are two indispensable resources for virtual learning today. They both have considerable advantages. Combining these two technologies can be a real added value. These two technologies are complementary and can build on the mutual benefits they offer. AI can be used in the Metaverse to enhance the user experience, provide virtual assistance, personalize the experience, improve safety, and analyze user-generated data, while the virtual worlds offered by the Metaverse can provide an ideal simulation environment for learning and training AI systems. It is therefore increasingly interesting to combine these two technologies today in order to optimize training.

If you want to know more about technologies, virtual learning, and the metaverse, or if you want to integrate gamification into your company, reach out and talk to our experts in gamification. We will propose the appropriate solution to take advantage of these new technologies to reinforce the interest and commitment of your target.

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