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Marketing in the Metaverse for Brands and Businesses

The popularity of gaming and immersive experiences has become evident and the opportunities for marketing within the space is limitless. Although the Metaverse is quite new for brands and far from its peak, it is quickly evolving into a revolutionary way for brands to connect and engage with consumers. Any digital experience on the internet that is immersive, three-dimensional (3D), and not taking place in the physical world, is considered part of the Metaverse. Brands are tapping and using the Metaverse for business in exciting ways for marketing thanks to platforms and companies like Roblox, Meta, and Emeraude Escape.

Big brands are developing engaging and customized gamified virtual experiences for consumers to immerse themselves in, cultivating a variety of marketing opportunities like:

  • Communicating brand values
  • Launching new products
  • Promoting current products
  • Creating communities
  • Reaching new audiences

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The Future of the Metaverse for Brands

Closing out 2021, Nike launched their own gamified virtual world “Nikeland” on Roblox free for consumers to play and experience. Nikeland replicates the company’s headquarters and  includes buildings, fields and arenas where players can compete in mini-games. Players can create avatars and dress them in nike gear, a brilliant and seamless way to promote and spark interest in their products. This is a landmark way to build an experience within the virtual world that transcends the digital space and drives the success of the brand in the real-world. The Metaverse for brands allows a brand to gamify marketing and communicate a number of key messages in a way that is interactive, engaging, and interesting whether similar to real-life or full of fantasy. The immersion provided really allows anyone to have a deeper look into the story behind a brand bringing real advantage when the Metaverse for business is activated.

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While brands are ready to dive into this new channel of marketing and utilize the Metaverse for business, many don’t know where to start or how to make it happen. Platforms like Roblox provide a space for brands to house and host their virtual experiences, but Emeraude Escape works with brands to actually integrate their content, story, and values to create an immersive and futuristic gamified virtual world for the Metaverse. Brands looking to launch new products, enhance corporate communications, advertise, launch influencer marketing campaigns, and optimize and reinvent their marketing and branding overall rely on Emeraude Escape’s expertise and top team of developers to propel their vision into the Metaverse.

How can the Metaverse for brands improve marketing campaigns?

Emeraude Escape finds that utilizing the Metaverse for marketing gives any marketing campaign a creative and exciting edge for consumers, driving loyalty and interest.

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What is the benefit of using the Metaverse for brands and gamifying marketing?

Emeraude Escape uses gamification to transform marketing communication to hold the interest and attention of consumers, as the average attention span has decreased and in turn made it harder for current marketing strategies.

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How do you use the Metaverse for business influencer marketing?

Emeraude Escape offers its gamified solutions for the Metaverse to allow companies to invite influencers, KOLs, journalists and editors to be part of their operation.

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The Metaverse for Business is Booming

As of December 2020, Roblox had 47 million daily active users globally and with new platforms on the way , the number of users participating in the Metaverse is set to grow exponentially. The Metaverse for brands is going to be a catalyst for higher reach and more impactful messaging and experiences for consumers. Brands jumping in sooner than later will see the most return on their efforts but with the pandemic imprinting digital and virtual processes into our day-to-day, marketing in the Metaverse for brands will become vital.

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