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Custom Olympic Games Experience for Team Building or Learning

Create a tailor-made gamified team building or employee training within Olympic games format

Drawing from the spirit of the Olympics, design a tailor-made team-building event, an intense new hire training or a limited edition product training, driven by the game mechanics to foster engagement, retention and skill development among your employees. Focused on learning, Emeraude gamified training will help you to develop a series of tailor-made challenges and activities that reflect the key values and goals of your company through the Paris Olympics event.

gamified olympics learning experience

How It Works

  • The learning content can be broken down into day-to-day training sessions: daily new “challenge” to earn points
  • The game emphasizes healthy competitions
  • Player ranking will be available live at any time during the event on the leaderboard.
  • Maximum 5 – 10 min microlearning per day
  • In the essence of the Olympics spirit, every learning module is timed , ensuring that the employees give their best
gamified olympics learning experience

Key Aspects of Your Gamified “Olympics” Learning Experience

  • 100% branded and tailor-made
  • Game visual designed in 2D or 3D
  • Accessible from any browser without a download
  • Custom KPIs integrated/PowerBI integration
  • Connectivity API/SSO/LMS
  • Responsive on all device: mobile, tablet and desktop
  • Unlimited multilingual support: available in all languages
  • The game can be updated and enriched at anytime
  • The game belongs to you 100%
  • The game is developed in less then 45 days
gamified olympics learning experience

Join us today and embark on a memorable journey towards success!

Whether you’re aiming to boost learning outcomes or to strengthen team dynamics, this unique challenge offers a customized approach designed for your team’s needs. Contact us today for the opportunity to create employee engagement, development and productivity through the excitement of the Paris Olympic Games.

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