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14/02/22 News

The Future of the Metaverse for Education

Imagine taking a page out of a history book and instead of reading it, you can mirror the moment in history and experience it for yourself. This is what the Metaverse for education and gamification of education within the Metaverse can offer. Transportation of any learning situation to anywhere and any time period making learning as we know it more interactive, immersive, dynamic, and interesting.

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Benefits of the Metaverse for Education

Globally, education has been affected by the pandemic, according to Unicef and “Zoom fatigue”, a burnout associated with the overuse of standard videoconferencing, is prevalent among workers, prompting a shift in learning and interacting. The future of education is gamification of learning and it has been proven that learning is most successful when it is enjoyable. This, coupled with the idea that education in the Metaverse defies the limits of time, location, and even language, is why the Metaverse is the perfect fit for any learning scenario. Customized, immersive, and engaging content is the cornerstone to a thriving education system in the near future.

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How Education and the Metaverse for Businesses Collide

Meta (formerly Facebook) is centering its focus on intertwining the corporate world and education with the virtual world and announced a partnership with Coursera and edX to help push its curriculum in augmented and virtual reality. While these initiatives and innovations are extremely beneficial for learners, it also is a gamechanger for educators. The Metaverse for education allows for curriculum to be crafted more intricately, more creatively, more impactfully, and with more clarity. Emeraude Escape, Europe’s leader in corporate gamified solutions, is helping businesses and brands create fully customized gamified learning experiences for their employees, making processes like onboarding, skill development, and business training less overwhelming, more dynamic, and more exciting. The company offers a variety of gamified learning solutions for the Metaverse that accomplish learning objectives and develop interpersonal and technical skills through an intuitive and interactive way.

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Photo by Meta , Metaverse for education

Photo by Meta


Should companies use the Metaverse for education?

Using the Metaverse for education could make corporate learning more impactful as a study from Emeraude Escape found that 72% of employees want to see their training modernized through gamification and digital.

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How long does it take to develop training when using the Metaverse for education?

Emeraude Escape transforms corporate curriculums and training into gamified experiences for the Metaverse in two months or less.

How do you create a game in the Metaverse for Education?

The conception of a Metaverse is done hand in hand between Emeraude Escape’s Game Designers and company’s teams by using their objectives, issues, guidelines, and/or concepts that they want players to take away from their experience.

Every facet of life requires learning, and education opportunities within the Metaverse are vast. The use of the Metaverse for education and gamifying learning methods will transform how we learn and teach in an exciting way.

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