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Dior Onboarding Game Presented at Teach on Mars Event 2023

Teach on Mars Summer University 2023

The Teach on Mars ‘Summer University’, an annual event with a primary focus on innovative mobile learning platforms and technologies, took place on the 15th of June, 2023 at Elysées Biarritz Paris. The event was attended by the global retail education leaders of major brands from diverse sectors including luxury, technology, finance, entertainment and media.

Throughout the event, the spotlight fell on the latest technologies such as metaverse, blockchain, NFT: decription, and Web3, alongside the behavioural sciences for learning, contemporary and forthcoming trends of HR training and AI-based learning. The event had successfully delivered invaluable insights to the attendees.

Summer University 2023 Teach on Mars
Summer University 2023 Dior People

One of the remarkable mobile learning experiences was unveiled by Maison Dior with their immersive onboarding game, designed and developed by Emeraude Escape. Melanie Carafry, the Head of Digital and Client Development, and Clementine Abiven, the Digital Project Manager, representing Retail Education at Dior, took center stage to share their rewarding experience creating and launching the game.

The onboarding game, designed to be accessible in 19 languages and playable on iOS, Android, and desktop, has been played in 98 countries by Dior newcomers. A true luxury sense is embedded in this immersive onboarding game and it is seamlessly integrated into Dior’s Learning Management System, providing the onboarding process for hundreds of Dior newcomers around the world each week. Through 5 chapters and a quiz recap in 3D, Emeraude Escape successfully brought Dior’s timeless story to life.

Dior at Teach on Mars

Emeraude Escape is really honoured to have been featured at the Teach on Mars ‘Summer University’ event 2023 through this immersive game. We extend our heartfelt thanks to both Teach on Mars and the entire retail education department at Dior.

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