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Raise awareness of CSR & ESG with a digital game

In today’s business landscape, corporate social responsibility (CSR) and environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) have become paramount. Both having a tremendous impact on your business operations, performances and how it is perceived by the public, put CSR & ESG practices in place with a unified and effective approach.


CSR strategy and Company's Culture & Values game

Embrace the power of Digital Games! Our custom digital games provide a game-changing solution at your fingertips to raise awareness of these multifaceted areas with fun, ease and purpose.

We have designed and developed engaging and interactive digital games for world’s renowned companies like NESPRESSO in the pursuit of their CSR and ESG endeavors.

To take on this transformative journey together, we offer the following game elements. These can be integrated into your awareness game with the purpose of fully engaging your team in your CSR and ESG goals!

  • Automated game master
  • Live leaderboard
  • Scoring
  • Live teammate progression notification
  • Interactive map to follow live progress
  • Multiplayer with built-in audio, video and chat
  • Episode indicator

Emeraude’s digital experiences are the perfect way to express your brand/company in your own way on your own terms, as our games can be customized 100% according to your brand DNA and brand identity.

Average NPS score of our games: 4.8/5.

Use digital games to make lasting      corporate changes

The reason why the world’s leading companies wish to take the CSR & ESG measures is to benefit overall business performances in the modern era. The competitive corporate leaders consider CSR & ESG initiatives to be the paradigm of an ideal good business hygiene model.

So, can digital games actually create lasting corporate changes that can be beneficial for both business and society? The answer to this question is yes.

Games are diverse on their own and are constantly evolving. It is easier to create a comprehensive nature of CSR and ESG with gamified solutions. The subjects that require focus and deep understanding cannot be absorbed easily in our distracting world by a manual book. Hence digital games are the best way to maintain the attention and attract the interest of corporate employees while addressing the subjects of CSR and ESG that are deeply intertwined with how you do business.

Serious Escape Room Game for Sustainability

Emeraude Escape is specialized in designing and developing the following CSR & ESG awareness games:

  • Climate change
  • Energy consumption and efficiency
  • Water management and conservation
  • Biodiversity and ecosystem preservation
  • Diversity, equity and inclusion
  • Health and safety at workplace
  • Risk management and compliance
  • Fair trade and ethical sourcing practices
  • Leadership management in promoting CSR and ESG initiatives
  • Positive corporate culture
  • Sustainable practices and solutions

The objectives of our game designers and learning designers are to clearly articulate the concerned subjects in an engaging and multidisciplinary way, that will eventually bring in the results for both financial performance and positive impact on social and environmental factors. Our awareness games are one of the most effective mediums to engage your employees for creating long-term value for themselves and society as a whole.

Contact our team to learn more about CSR & ESG awareness games you can create with Emeraude Escape!

Gamified training to transform learning experiences into conscious practices

Gamification can be the factor that drives lasting changes in your organization. Utilizing gamification, you can transform learning experiences into conscious practices that lead to several different benefits for your CSR & ESG goals.

Social Environmental Awareness Game

Build a better reputation
CSR & ESG shape your company’s image. People prefer socially and environmentally conscious businesses. Enhancing these aspects will improve the reputation of your business, while genuine action and practices build customer trust.

Improved financial performance
CSR & ESG affect perception and performance of your employees. A positive working environment helps your employees put in more effort and expand their creativity in performing tasks. By promoting CSR & ESG, you have better employees and better employee retention, both of which helps the company’s bottom line.

Increased business growth
Enhanced business knowledge training with gamification can lead to growth: improved reputation attracts clients and trained employees perform better, resulting in higher business effectiveness.

Professional and personal development for your team
Gamification covers more than issues. It blends professional growth in the training. As your team learns and explores, custom digital games can add group information, knowledge on respective departments and specific instructions about specific subjects conveniently, enhancing employees’ skill development and creating a stronger workforce.

Want to discuss how we can help you achieve your CSR & ESG training goals? Contact us and get a reply in less than 48 hours!

How to get started?




  • Set your goal
  • Adapt your CSR strategy to the road map for group’s mission and commitment in the long-term
  • Choose the game format carefully to be able to address the broad and important subjects in a spontaneous way without being ostentatious

Work with Emeraude Escape to achieve your CSR & ESG goals

Custom Virtual Escape Room

It is clear to see that digital games have a lot of potential. However, digital games created with Emeraude Escape have even more potential.

Our game design is developed with meticulous care from a team composed of multicultural and international backgrounds. Our collective effort guarantees the effective gamified solutions. Our team is driven, professional and experienced.

Our approach also heavily integrates your wants and needs into the process. Our games are 100% customized based on your company/brand DNA, identity and your people to be entirely unique for your project.

We think about everything for your employees to have access to the game easily and conveniently. Your employees can connect to your gamified CSR & ESG training wherever and whenever through a simple URL. Up to 200 000 employees worldwide can connect to the game simultaneously to save you time, energy and money.

Ready to talk to our team and want to understand better how we work before contacting us? Visit our approach page!

Depending on its complexity, it takes from 20 days to 3 months to design a tailor-made digital game to raise awareness on CSR and ESG.

There is no limit of players because you own 100% of the game. You can use it as many times as you want. Our servers can welcome up to 200,000 players simultaneously.

Creating a tailor-made digital game to raise awareness on CSR and ESG requires a team of more than 8 people (Game Designers, designers, developers …). The cost is available upon request through our contact form.


  • Strengthening a positive reputation.

  • Better financial performance.

  • Rise in business growth.

  • Fostering professional and personal development.

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