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14/02/22 News

How the Metaverse for Brands is Revolutionizing Shopping

The virtual gamified world is growing fast and incorporating more and more elements from the real world, which is what makes it so appealing. Players enter into the Metaverse as reinvented versions of themselves and look to clothes, accessories, and even luxury goods to establish their virtual identities. Million dollar brands recognize this opportunity and are entering the Metaverse for business and selling and marketing goods made unique for the virtual world.

How Gamification is aiding Business Success in the Metaverse for Brands

With gamification and the Metaverse being the next frontier of how we work, socialize, and play, the Avatar is everything. Businesses are recreating their workspaces within the Metaverse and allocating more time than ever before into virtual environments making avatars the key way of self-expression and identification. Gamification used in the Metaverse for brands is important in the context of being represented by players but can also be utilized to market and strengthen the notoriety of their virtual goods and position in the virtual world. Brands are gamifying their marketing directly within the Metaverse with Emeraude Escape to create buzz and visibility around products, communicate brand voice, create community, and encourage purchases through memorable,engaging, unique, and exciting experiences realized through games that resonate both inside and outside of the virtual world.


Photo by Meta

What Business Advantages Can The Metaverse for Brands Bring?

When entering the Metaverse, participants want to be represented in a way unique to every scenario and environment they enter, developing a market for every brand. Luxury brands have already dipped their toes into the Metaverse and are creating quite a buzz with analysts at Morgan Stanley revealing the market for virtual luxury goods could grow to $50 billion by 2030.

The Gucci Garden – Gucci launched  a pop-up on Roblox selling the brand’s designs and selling a single bag for over $4,000
Balenciaga launched a collection of clothes in Fortnite meant for game characters and purchasable using Fortnite’s world currency after being exchanged from real currency
Emeraude Escape launched its new Escape Game format for the Metaverse including customizable avatars.

The benefits of selling and marketing goods in the Metaverse for brands are plentiful with some of the most appealing being the ability to:

  • Avoid overstock and waste
  • Increase accessibility but hold novelty with smaller margins
  • Continue receiving revenue on items due to the royalties associated with NFTs and selling in the virtual world
  • Produce more designs and resurface previous and collector designs
  • Gain global brand recognition as many games can be accessed by players all over the world

While leaving the space of reality is the biggest selling point of the Metaverse, one of the unique benefits is the ability to transcend the virtual world allowing brands to reap the benefits from their interactions within the Metaverse in the real world. When consumers experience your brand through gamification in the Metaverse, it will carry over when they encounter the brand in the real world and feel more connected than before.

How can brands launch their products in the Metaverse?

Brands can encourage consumers to connect to the brand in an engaging and interactive way like through gamification or allow exploration of a virtual recreation of a retail store.

What products can be sold and marketed in the Metaverse for Brands?

Emeraude Escape has gamified marketing for a variety of companies across sectors, because the virtual world mimics the real world making just about any tangible product worthy of a virtual recreation.

How long does it take to create a Metaverse for Brands?

Emeraude Escape creates its Metaverse game format for brands in in 2 months or less

The metaverse for business and gamification allows brands to create the ultimate brand experience and sell goods for players to shop and collect. The opportunity in the Metaverse for shopping and marketing is wide and exciting.




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