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Deliver engaging, and immersive onboarding journeys with Gamification


improvement in employee retention rates can be achieved with a well-structured onboarding


of employees who go through a well-structured onboarding process are able to meet their first performance goals


more likely to feel overall job satisfaction after a personalized and interactive onboarding

Why is Onboarding so important?


A robust onboarding process is instrumental in boosting employee retention and productivity. Studies reveal that effective onboarding can enhance retention rates by 82% and productivity by over 70%. By acquainting new hires with the organization’s culture, values, and mission, companies cultivate a sense of belonging and alignment, fostering long-term engagement and satisfaction.

Clear communication of job expectations during onboarding empowers employees to contribute meaningfully from day one, resulting in heightened job satisfaction and performance. Engaged employees are reported to be 30 times more likely to experience job satisfaction and demonstrate commitment to their roles and the organization, highlighting the significance of a comprehensive onboarding process. in driving success.

Why Emeraude Escape?


100% tailored to match your brand identity

Maintaining brand consistency and identity, including Employee Onboarding is key. By delivering a tailored experience, you not only enhance employee engagement and retention but also reinforce your brand identity from day one


Fastest delivery on the market

Swift implementation means quicker engagement and integration for your team, leading to accelerated onboarding, heightened productivity, and faster ROI for your organization

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Proven results

Join the ranks of satisfied customers who have witnessed tangible outcomes and measurable impact with our gamified solutions


Responsive  on all devices

Designed to be fully responsive on all devices – desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. This adaptability guarantees a consistent user experience, fostering maximum engagement and participation

Worldwide  coverage

Global reach and Inclusivity are extremely important. With the capability to accommodate an unlimited number of players simultaneously, our platform breaks down geographical barriers and supports unlimited translations

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How does Emeraude Escape improve the onboarding process?

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We design and develop interactive learning experiences to engage your employees with your organization, and immersive onboarding experiences to connect your new recruits with your brand.

Who has worked with Emeraude Escape?

Emeraude x Clients
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Dior onboarding game, designed to be accessible in 19 languages and playable on iOS, Android, and desktop, has been played in 98 countries by Dior newcomers and retailers. A true luxury sense is embedded in this immersive onboarding game and it is seamlessly integrated into Teach on Mars’ LMS, providing the onboarding process for hundreds of Dior newcomers around the world each week. Through 5 chapters and a quiz recap in 3D, Emeraude Escape successfully brought Dior’s timeless story to life.

Dior – Case Study

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Axpo, one of the largest renewable energy company collaborated with Emeraude Escape to create a custom virtual game for their annual management meeting to onboard the strategic ideas to its key employees. This game for strategic management meeting with 450 employees was set in 2050. Axpo’s ingenious engineers have pioneered an unrivaled renewable energy network. However, an AI threat freezes production sites worldwide. As part of the Expo Special Secret team, the 450 employees were invited to play the game and embarked on a mission to unfreeze facilities in an hour to save the interconnected world economy.

Axpo — Case Study




Wavestone, one of the most prominent IT service management companies organized a virtual onboarding seminar for more than 300 new recruits. With the objective of encouraging collaborations, creating team cohesion and improving communications between consultants and their managers, Emeraude Escape developed a digital game that conveyed the group’s culture, values and their corporate strategy. The newcomers learned all the key components to build a successful team and to increase the overall performance of organization access via this custom branded game.

Wavestone – Case Study


Onboarding experiences that deliver results

All our game solutions are 100% tailor-made to provide our clients with fully branded and personalized experience. Emeraude is not just a creative agency: all our creative solutions are powered by the gamification that generates results for motivation, participation, retention, acquisition, completion, and a better knowledge assimilation. All these KPIs are measurables in all of our games.

Emeraude Measurable KPIs

What we offer

Emeraude Services



“At diptyque, creation always starts with a first impression and it is exactly what happened with Emeraude: a new, highly immersive and multisensorial digital experience designed to make the learners travel and develop their imagination.”

Case study


Momentum, I think that’s the right word, the level of commitment shown from the management was extraordinary regarding this serious game, which delivered an experience that could relate to everyone.”

Case study

“Training courses gamification is particularly effective in achieving the objectives and promoting learning as it requires active participation from learners resulting in quicker and more profound engagement and understanding of the content provided.”

Case study

“Working with Emeraude team is always a pleasure. The collaboration with the team and overall experience was extremely positive. The team is really involved and dedicated. We wanted to be sure to offer a user-friendly experience and Emeraude team worked hard to improve the player experience.”

Case study

“We were very impressed with the creative minds at Emeraude, they took the operating room content that they had no experience with, and made it into a really fun escape room.”

Case study

“The game was very well received by both the clients and our internal company network. They found the game very immersive, very well developed, very well designed and quite user-friendly. Our clients were very happy about it, we were also very happy with the outcome, it was a success.”

Case study

Mystery game

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