Serious Game

A tailor-made Serious Game for your corporate e-learning
Serious Game

Mix fun and serious for your online training

A Serious Game is a gamified e-learning solution. Used by organizations, the Serious Game can place employees in scenarios including lots of possibilities, which make them face a wide range of situations, and contexts.

The Serious Game encourages employees to think outside of the box, and to rack their brain in order to take up challenges and find solutions.

What’s a Serious Game?


A Serious Game is an educational tool for gamified learning by which players adopt the messages conveyed by the organization, and have fun. In collaboration with our Game Designers, and our Pedagogical Experts, organizations define precise objectives, and based on them, our team will develop a premium, tailor-made, and impactful game scenario.

Learning is achieved through the different stages of the game with puzzles, question-and-answer games, tests to move to the next levels … thanks to the knowledge and skills that the learners have acquired. The Serious Game is an excellent way to engage employees and facilitate their upskilling in a recreational environment.

The benefits of a Serious Game

As an online employees’ training approach, a Serious Game is an excellent tool for organizations to;

  • address serious and technical topics in a fun way to better hook the learners,
  • rely on active, and not passive, participation of the employees. This has the advantage to provide better content assimilation and better engagement (learning is not perceived as tedious),
  • catch and keep the employees’ attention with some appealing functionalities (scoring system, avatars to customize, live ranking, rewards at the end of the experience, multiplayer mode, etc.),
  • strengthen accessibility and simplicity. It’s a fun path which speaks to all, from digital beginners to digital insiders;
  • increase team cohesion and sharing. With the multiplayer mode (including integrated visio, audio and chat) the players can continuously share and exchange ideas on the best solutions,
  • immerse employees in a scenario to obtain a practical situation-focus context. The participants project themselves in this fictional universe, and they can assimilate the educational content through images and metaphors.


3 examples of Serious Game

Gamified Digital Retail Training: With the purpose of becoming the leading digital retail company by 2026, CARREFOUR has launched a digital retail training. The Serious Game was designed and developed by Emeraude Escape for 85,000 Carrefour employees in France and will reach over 150,000 employees globally by 2023.

This Digital retail training allows Carrefour:

  • to offer a new platform for its employees to have an enriched digital learning experience
  • to train its employees to become aware of daily use of technology in workplace environment regardless of their roles in the company
  • to help accelerate digital skills of all employees

To learn more, read full article on Carrefour Gamified Digital Retail Tranining.

Watch the testimonial of Zoé Bordelon Grandon et Quentin Bardet, Group HR Transformation at Carrefour, about project design, KPIs, and much more.


External training: Emeraude Escape has worked with the LANCÔME brand several times on the gamification of digital training courses about new products, and particularly on a Serious Game intended for 15,000 of beauty advisors working in LANCôME’s partner POS in France (Sephora, Marionnaud, Nocibé …). Based on its success, LANCÔME has decided to repeat this gamified digital training operation with Emeraude Escape, but this time on a global scale.

Discover in this video the testimonial of Louise Charley, Digital Manager Education at Lancôme on this project. To learn more on this case study, click here


Internal training: Emeraude Escape has worked with the DIPTYQUE brand on “Le Grand Tour” a digital treasure hunt designed for product training imagined at the time of the brand’s 60th anniversary. The objective was to train on a global scale all the employees to the universe and the history behind the new products.  This game was awarded the Best Integrated Activity prize at the Mobile Learning Awards organized by Teach On Mars which rewards the best digital training on mobile and pedagogical innovation.

Discover in this video, the testimonial of Delphine Achour, International Training Manager at Diptyque on this successful project. To learn more, click here

To discover more examples and case studies click here

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The power of Serious Game

Serious Game Emeraude Escape

The Covid-19 pandemic has reshaped the working habits. The digital boom has come with a bigger urge to engage employees. In this context, organizations came to realize faster the value and the interest of Serious Games.


Serious Game Emeraude Escape

Organizations can use Serious Games in the format of their choice, presence mode, hybrid mode or full-remote mode. With regards to formats, among the latest technological developments in the world of Serious Game, there is the emergence of metaverse in organizations. At Emeraude Escape, we had anticipated this diversification of Serious Game. By now, we have already designed and developed customized virtual Serious Games in the metaverse for our clients. Practically, the metaverse is a format very similar to the “simulation game” which also places employees in situations close to the real world, but with a much wider range of possibilities. The results with this even more immersive format are totally amazing (+400% to +800% of employee engagement for several of our clients).

Virgile Loisance

There is a phenomenon in organizations that I call “escapification”. It corresponds to the need of employees to shake off their work routines (meeting, e-learning, conference …) and enjoy original and fun experiences with their team.

Among the corporate games, the Serious Game meet this strong expectation for more gamification and interactivity in training courses. Its power to address the unique training issue of an organization while offering a branded and playful environment is what makes its big value-added compared to e-learning. The Serious Game is perfectly in line with the emergence of the gamification of professional activities.


Virgile Loisance, CEO


The Serious Game draws its strength from its 3 dimensions

  • By its recreational & educational dimension, the Serious Game can inform, share knowledge build collective awareness on various topics and meet the training objectives of organizations. Because of the hard and  soft skills the teams develop through the gamified and immersive learning methodology it offers, a Serious Game can fit in corporate employees’ skills development plans.
  • By its well-being dimension, the Serious Game has an hedonistic dimension. Actually, it creates an individual positive training experience for each employee. As such, it brings a significant contribution to happiness and well-being at work.
  • By its federative dimension, the Serious Game creates a social plateform where participants can interact, exchange ideas and share easily.

As reported by David Sackett in an article for Forbes about how to encourage business ideas through gamification there is a growing trend in the gamification of company training and according to a survey, 83% of employee respondents who underwent gamified training were more motivated at work.

7 differences with an e-learning training

For any training topic, the Serious Game

1. makes learning fun and efficient

2. maintains the learners’ attention on the long run. This has an impact on training memorization and learners’ satisfaction

3. can adjust to each learner’s learning rhythm

4. offers more options to generate collaboration among the learners

5. fosters learners to think outside the box, and use creativity & innovation & creativity to find solutions

6. brings simultaneously to the learners professional skills, and personal well-being (game pleasure and zoom fatigue reduction, etc. );

7. can place the learners in practical situations close to real ones.

Discuss with our gamification specialists on the benefits your organization can get from a Serious Game


The craze for Serious Game

  • Among decision-makers

Nowadays, more and more organizations use the Serious Game to develop the skills of their employees and reach their training objectives. It’s an appealing tool for all industries from B2B to B2C, from luxury goods to casual goods, from public sector to private sectors. Examples can be found in the military, the medical, the distribution, the transportation, the  finance, the industrial sectors…

All training topics can fit in a Serious Games, from the most complex topics to the most technical (logistics, IT, management, sales, recruitment, science or any other topics).

  • Among employees

According to the study (France, Italy, Spain, GB, Germany, USA and Canada) conducted for Emeraude Escape in March 2021 among 1000 employees which had moved from office work to remote work, corporate training would be much more efficient through gamification.

Actually, nearly 72% of the employees interviewed said they wished their training be modernized to include learning with digital games. More precisely, 68% of them said they would be happy to play virtual competition games with their colleagues like an Escape Game for instance.

Discover here our works.

Ask for a personalized demo.


What Technology and Neurolearning brought to the Serious Game?


Technologies and their latest developments have reshaped the Serious Game. Typically, the digital and the cloud have broken barriers in terms of

  • number of players,
  • languages,
  • uniform game experience,
  • single training location,
  • synchronous training time.

With the metaverse, the digital games designed and developed by Emeraude Escape offer organizations and their learners Serious Games including closer to real situations, and more immersive experiences with avatars, an advanced scoring system, live ranking, and integrated chat, audio and visio.


Cognitive sciences have developed a lot over the last years. We start seeing applications in humanities. In this respect, neurolearning for instance will surely have an impact on the employer brand of organizations. Actually, employees’ upskilling is a major challenge, and this science field has established how much emotions and learning are tight. Capitalizing on emotions to capture  attention is at stake. Likewise, all the ambition of a Serious Game is to create engagement through positive feelings.

Discuss with our gamification specialists about how to innovate and meet your training objectives with a Serious Game.

Custom Virtual Escape Room

Our expertise on Serious Game

We have rapidly become a top international leader on the corporate digital game market thanks to our deep expertise on Serious Game, the wide range of opportunities and benefits they represent for organizations, and their most recent developments. Listening to our clients, and understanding their issues is a high focus among our team-members. They constantly observe, analyze, and take advantage of the latest moves in the field of gamification, technologies, education science, and neuropsychology. This is how we design and develop for our clients qualitative gamified learning experience with tailor-made, premium and engaging Serious Games.

Daily, our gamification specialists use their expertise and creativity to design Serious Games which meet the objectives and the training needs of our clients. Our Serious Games are

  • Customized: we create unique scenarios and puzzles around the key messages of our clients. We imagine every game in line with the brand image, brand graphic chart identity, the DNA and the corporate identity of our client
  • Internalized: we design and develop Serious Games which belong 100% to the organizations. No licence cost per learner, and we can make 200,000 people play our games simultaneously
  • Secured: our serious games meet the highest standards in terms of security thanks to our dedicated IT team. Our games can integrate any type of LMS.


Clients - Emeraude Escape


Serious Game Entreprise

Mobile Awards 2021: Awards of the Best Integrated Activity for “the Grand Tour”, an educational and magical journey we designed and developed to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the DIPTYQUE BRAND. Discover the other nominees on Tech on Mars website.

“A very big well done to the Diptyque team for this achievement. It’s an immersive experience which whisked me away on a journey. It’s a timeless moment boasting great pedagogy, successful animation and an incredibly beautiful design, in tune with the brand’s image. Well done for the accompanying texts, which really help us to smell the fragrances, even from behind a phone screen. You can also come and go, obtain stamps, see archive photos and more besides. I must admit that after doing the m-learning course, I went out and bought the Paris candle!” Yann Jestin, Digital Learning Project Manager at Christian Dior Couture.

Depending on its complexity, it takes from 20 days to 3 months to design a tailor-made Serious Game.

There is no limit of players because you own 100% of the game. You can use it as many times as you want. Our servers can welcome up to 200,000 players simultaneously.

Creating a tailor-made a Serious Game requires a team of more than 8 people (Game Designers, designers, developers …). The cost is available upon request through our contact form.


  • Scripting of customized business issues.

  • Innovation within the teams.

  • Better Information Retention by the employees.

  • Interactivity through engaging and immersive games.

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