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Why An Escape Game Is the Perfect Team Building Exercise

Virtual team building is all about helping your remote teams connect in a way that makes them feel seen and heard. But addressing the challenges of a dispersed workforce isn’t easy.

The answer? Gamification, like digital escape games. Gamification allows your organization to promote team-building exercises to improve employee productivity, communication, and collaboration in an engaging, exciting way.

We’ll discuss the importance of team building and different ways you can implement gamification to create the perfect team-building experience.

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Why Team Building Is So Important

If your team works remotely, the chances are they deal with some feelings of isolation. And those feelings can decrease their productivity by 21%. Virtual team building can help improve communication, collaboration, and productivity of employees. For example:

Virtual socialization, like during team-building exercises and games, can improve employee communication patterns by over 50%.

75% of employees say their productivity and performance level has stayed consistent or increased while working remotely, thanks to virtual team building activities.

90% of people believe it’s easier to get their opinions heard by using video team-building exercises.

Some leaders only assign their employees tasks. Great leaders invest time and energy to train and develop their teams. Gamified team building activities allow those great leaders to reward employees who work well together and show improvements in communication, collaboration, etc.

With gamification in team building, employees have to work together to solve puzzles, complete challenges, and more. We believe gamification is the key to true employee engagement during team-building exercises, allowing them to work together and learn in a fun, challenging way.

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How to Build Teams Remotely

Zoom, Slack, Microsoft Teams, etc. are all great ways to host team-building activities remotely, but there’s another option: If you want to build your team remotely using gamification, you can also use our solution featuring fully-integrated audio and video.

You can create teams of two to six people and either match up employees randomly or pre-register each group. Your employees can also create their own break-out rooms with any colleagues they choose.

At Emeraude Escape, we help organizations build their teams and conduct gamified team-building activities all within one platform. You can also tailor each group by country, segment, channel, business unit, roles, etc.

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Escape Games & More: The Perfect Team Building Exercises

Our modern workplace culture is team-based, creating an environment that values communication and teamwork to improve productivity and collaboration. Games like digital escape rooms, treasure hunts, etc. are the perfect way to work on those valuable team skills that make work run smoothly. That’s why the best team-building exercises focus on gamification.

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From digital escape games to remote treasure hunts, these games make for the perfect team-building exercises:

Digital Escape Game

Digital Escape Room

In a digital escape room, teams will have to search for clues, solve various puzzles, and more in a limited amount of time. A high-end digital escape room is a truly interactive platform that incorporates the team-building aspects of a physical escape room. Players will search for and open chests, solve a series of enigmas, discover new rooms, etc. For example, they might have to use a rag to clean off dusty objects to reveal clues, turn their computers on and off to reveal hidden elements, and more — just like an in-person escape room!

Speed Gaming

Escape Games & More: The Perfect Team Building Exercises


Speed Gaming allows two colleagues, chosen at random, to work together to solve challenges. It’s an exceptional team-building activity that players can play and solve in just a few minutes. And once their time is up, it’s time for players to team up with other members of your organization to start a new game.

Solving the challenges promotes creating a direct link between employees across a company and encourages cooperation between every participant. There’s no confrontation — employees don’t play against each other, there’s no competition between teams, and it’s all about everyone working together to improve communication and collaboration. The better two people work together, the higher their score.

Treasure Hunt

Escape Games & More: The Perfect Team Building Exercises

Taking your employees on a digital treasure hunt to discover and solve puzzles on a path full of twists and turns can turn boring team-building activities into a fun challenge for everyone. You can even enhance the treasure hunts with augmented reality, allowing teams to interact in real life with their computers, smartphones, or tablets.

Created with your chosen theme, digital treasure hunts are perfect for team building, collaboration, and messaging exercises. Players take advantage of directions, maps, compasses, quizzes, images, and videos while participating in missions and tournaments to create fun, exciting adventures based on your organization’s goals.

Battle Royal 

Escape Games & More: The Perfect Team Building Exercises

For fast-paced, intense team-building activities, nothing comes close to the Squid Game Battle Royale. Twenty or more players play at the same time using their webcam’s camera and audio. They face challenges, mini-games, and enigmas that they must solve in a given time. The ones who succeed will move on to new challenges, and the ones who fail will begin a new game with other players.

This team-building game promotes challenges, but it also promotes cohesion between employees, allowing those with the best performance to continue advancing and challenging each other for the grand prize. Once the game’s over, the player with the highest score is designated the winner of the battle royale tournament!

Build Your Team With Emeraude Escape

Team building doesn’t have to be boring, and it can be effective — with gamification! Whether you choose a digital escape room, treasure hunt, or other team building game, we can provide your organization and employees with:

  • Tailor-made solutions to help you promote specific achievements, business goals, etc.
  • Leaderboards to promote healthy competition between employees while they play team-building games
  • Achieving more than team building by reinforcing your brand, culture and values, creating awareness, and more
  • Enabling a multiplayer experience while they improve communication and collaboration in a fun, exciting way
  • Digital game masters so that every team can have an autonomous play and a great experience

At Emeraude Escape, we’ve helped companies like Microsoft, Nestlé, LVMH, and AstraZeneca to improve team spirit among their teams. Reach out to our team-building gamification experts and see how we can help your organization reach its goals.

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