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Virtual Escape Room Games for Companies

The widespread use of telecommuting, linked to the Covid-19 crisis, has led to the emergence of new corporate practices. Emeraude Escape offers a collaborative and innovative format for recruitment, seminars, remote training, etc., adapted to your objectives and needs.

Virtual Escape Room: An Innovative Format Adapted to Your Needs

Emeraude Escape designs custom Virtual Escape Room. Our online Escape Room Games designed and developed in innovative and flexible format, can be discovered alone or in teams.

Particularly suited to remote work, the virtual escape room is ideal for group play.

Immersed in their adventure, the teams go through the game in a setting of their choice, solve puzzles, communicate with each other, gather clues and find, together, the way out of the game. In this custom-made role-playing game, the teams share their knowledge and experience and gradually build relationships. All the elements are gathered to stimulate collaboration and intellectual performance in a friendly and constructive atmosphere.

Online Escape Room – Create your online Escape Room

Escape Game virtuel

To meet the specific needs of the companies, Emeraude Escape addresses a variety of themes through its virtual Escape Rooms:

  • Virtual team building
  • Virtual onboarding
  • Virtual kick-off
  • Virtual end of year seminar
  • Virtual greetings
  • Virtual prevention
  • Virtual recruitment
  • Virtual training
  • Virtual product launch

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Virtual Escape Room: The 4 Formats

Basic Virtual Escape Room

escape game virtuel

In a basic design, participants must search for items by clicking on them and unlock chests, doors, or objects with a code or password. This basic format is primarily visual and has the main objective of getting your hands on objects to find clues, observe elements or solve simple puzzles.

Medium Virtual Escape Room

escape game virtuel

The medium design offers a more accomplished interface and more advanced elements: authentication system, real-time player ranking, results export module, tutorial at the beginning of the game, etc. Thanks to the zoom-in on the clickable zones, to the drag and drop module or to the specific module/puzzles developed on demand, the immersive game experience is more interesting than the basic design.

Premium Virtual Escape Room

escape game virtuel

Close to the video game, the premium design is a real interactive platform developed on demand. The user experience is pushed far beyond the 2 previous formats. The puzzles, illustrations, manipulation are advanced and the game mechanics are complex. In addition, there are advanced vector animations and a specific sound environment linked to the puzzles.

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3D Virtual Escape Room

escape game virtuel

The design with 3D environment is a very specific format. An extremely realistic 3D setting is created from your specifications and/or photos provided. It is possible to walk around in 3D universe customized and adapted to particular event or to look for and manipulate objects in real-life environment.

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The project team:

The team in charge of designing your custom virtual escape room consists of game designers, illustrators, project managers, learning designers, technical architect, senior developer, junior developer, UI/UX designers and testers.

Interested to create your own virtual escape room for your companies? Contact us!

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