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Everything You Need To Know About Gamification

 Several employees enjoying a training game at work

Any successful business or company owner should always be searching for ways to boost the skills and productivity of their employees while also looking for ways to increase employee morale and motivation. While there are many ways to do this, one method, in particular, is steadily growing in recognition for its ability to enhance the performance and passion of workers: gamification.

But what is gamification? How does it work? And what kind of benefits could it potentially bring to your business?

Our experts at Emeraude Escape are here to help explain this increasingly important concept and explore the different advantages it can provide. Please continue reading to learn about the essential basics of gamification and to find out how the process has helped several other significant businesses!

What Is Gamification?

In short, gamification is simply the process of applying game elements, mechanics, and principles to non-game-related contexts to increase user engagement and enjoyment. While gamification is used in various contexts, it’s become a widespread employee training, evaluation, and recruitment tool. It’s also used to help boost organizational productivity at times.

Some of the most common game mechanics incorporated into gamification include;

  • Rewards
  • Education
  • Goals
  • Status
  • Community

Despite how techy and modern the concept of gamification may seem, the practice is not a recent development. Though the process may not have been called gamification at the time, people have used the idea of turning work into games and making tasks more fun for as long as human civilization has existed. It’s inherently meant to tap into a person’s intrinsic motivationsuch as a desire to become better at a specific job or task– while offering extrinsic motivation– such as points, prizes, and rewards. 

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Benefits of Corporate Gamification

 Four productive employees.

We could legitimately go on for several pages explaining all of the different benefits that gamification can provide to employees operating within a large corporate setting. But to keep things short and to save you some of your valuable time, we’ll briefly cover the essential benefits you’ll want to consider when determining whether a gamification approach is a smart move to take with your employees.

First and foremost, gamification makes employee training exciting and encourages your staff to stay engaged while learning new material and sharpening their skills. Even though employee training is essential for success, that doesn’t mean employees necessarily like the process, and gamification can help change that.

Secondly, gamification helps businesses and companies achieve a wide array of direct and indirect objectives by linking games and entertainment to specific business goals. For example, gamification can help enterprises to;

  • Find and fill employee knowledge gaps
  • Streamline training, recruitment, and onboarding processes
  • Establish an influential culture of learning
  • Keep employees in the know with company policies and procedures
  • Train staff on new technology and processes
  • Establish positive employer branding
  • Make employee training fun and accessible
  • Boost employee morale

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Examples of Gamification

If you’ve read to this point, you likely have at least a tentative grasp on gamification but may still have some questions regarding how it’s supposed to work. Below is a selection of several examples of case studies and clients we’ve worked with.


Our experts at Emeraude Escape created a specially designed, immersive treasure hunt experience for 2,000 Microsoft employees, which combined both physical and digital activities for people to participate in.

Chupa Chups

We developed a unique gaming experience called Chupa Chups that lets users enter the beloved world of La Casa de Papel, a Netflix international success.


Our team of designers developed a digital game for Axpo’s 2021 annual management meeting, inspired by a combination of positioning, strategy, and future challenges that projected all players to the year 2050.

At Emeraude Escape, we simplify the gamification process into five critical steps to benefit your business and employees. Contact our team to learn how we work today and see what benefits we can provide for you!

How Gamification Can Help Your Team

A woman smiling using a laptop for a company training game.

When used correctly with your employees, gamification can be a total game-changer in onboarding and training new staff. It turns each process into a fun and engaging experience that will get recruits excited to start working so they can see what happens next.

While many businesses choose to stick with more traditional, tedious, and boring meetings that could have covered everything in an email, you don’t have to. Your business can adapt to make things more fun, challenging, and worthwhile for all of your employees to help enhance their satisfaction and overall productivity.

Not only that, but gamification also inherently helps enhance your company’s team-building efforts to improve trust and encourage more effective communication and collaboration between your staff.

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What To Look For In A Gamification Company

When selecting the best possible gamification company for your business to partner with, there are several vital factors you’ll want to look for, including their reputation, work with past clients, and the testimonials from said clients. Emeraude Escape, for example, has worked diligently with several well-known corporations all over the globe to design specially made escape rooms and challenges for their employees to overcome through teamwork, strategizing, and innovative problem-solving.

Two out of every three customers we’ve served have come back over the years to ask for more escape games, and we’ve been happy to oblige! We offer all of our clients 100% personalized services that are specifically designed to spread their unique message.

Final Thoughts

If your business or company needs a better, more fun, and more productive way to engage employee training, onboarding, and more, then gamification may be the solution you’ve been looking for! Don’t stay stuck in the past like so many other corporations who weigh their staff down with constant meetings and emails. Add something new to the mix that gets them excited to perform their best by partnering with Emeraude Escape!

Are you ready to utilize gamification to help enhance your workplace operations and boost the team-building skills of your trusted employees? Contact our experts at Emeraude Escape today to learn about everything we can do for you and your business!

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