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9 Benefits of Team Building In The Age of Remote Work

Team building has always been an essential component of operating a successful and highly productive workplace environment. However, the current age of remote working is still going strong. Though many people are now returning to in-person positions in the office, flexible companies are also allowing large numbers of employees to remain remote. But how are businesses supposed to encourage effective team building development with such a split workforce? This issue presents a challenge that our experts at Emeraude Escape are dedicated to helping solve so that businesses can facilitate better teamwork and employee relations.

We’ve successfully designed top-quality escape rooms worldwide, and now we’re switching our focus to help meet the needs of remote workers everywhere! Please continue to learn why team building is more important than ever and how digital escape rooms may be the answer your business is looking for.

Why Team Building Is Important

Most businesses and companies can never hope to function well without their employees working together effectively and keeping productivity chugging forward. Without effective team-building strategies, it’s unlikely that employees will develop all of the skills and connections to one another that are needed to work successfully.

But let’s get more specific for a moment. Why, exactly, is team building so essential for businesses to succeed?

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1. Emphasizes Communication

Two people having a Zoom meeting.

Effective and meaningful communication is a crucial element of successful business operations, especially when employees have to work together as a team. Without proper communication, mistakes and miscommunications can easily occur, leading to many issues that hurt business productivity and the bottom line. Ineffective communication is a significant threat to operations.

2. Builds Trust

For employees and employee teams to work together effectively, they need to know they can trust each other to pull their weight and support one another as needed. Additionally, team trust helps ensure that every member has the autonomy and space to accomplish their goals and remain productive in their tasks.

3. Allows for Healthy Competition

When tasks become competitions, people become more dedicated to succeeding and achieving better results. Team building games and activities can be a great way to introduce that element of competition while making work fun, increasing morale, and allowing employees to develop and hone new skills. However, the challenges of the current day and age require businesses to facilitate these activities in a remote work environment. But we’ll explore that in a moment.

4. Increases Productivity

Team building naturally improves teamwork and enhances employee productivity, especially when workloads are effectively shared. When teams work well, each member has to do relatively less work to succeed and receives opportunities to help their fellow team members complete their work to finish projects faster.

Do you have more questions about what team building can do to help improve the quality of your workplace teamwork? Send us a message at Emeraude Escape today to learn more and find out how we can help! 

5. Teaches Conflict Resolution

Conflicts will naturally arise in some workplace situations. Still, team building provides employees with the tools and skills they need to resolve disputes quickly and effectively so they can continue doing their jobs.

6. Enables Learning and Creativity

Successful team-building tactics provide employees with the opportunities and motivation they need to learn from each other, build off one another’s talents, and harness new, creative ideas to solve problems. Employees can also bring their unique ideas and experiences together to develop fun and efficient solutions to common issues.

7. Encourages Active Listening

Some employees are naturally more talkative and outgoing than others. Team building provides everyone with a chance to contribute their thoughts and ideas so that no one gets left out of important decision-making processes. This tactic also encourages more outspoken employees to hone their active listening skills and allow others to take the floor from time to time.

8. Builds Relationships

Team building naturally helps employees develop closer, deeper relationships that let them feel more comfortable relying on one another. If one person needs help, their fellow team members are more likely to offer it so things can get done quickly and no one is left to struggle on their own.

9. Improves Company Culture

When employees work together to foster creativity and innovation through effective communication, workplace culture improves along with overall performance and efficiency. Not only does this help bolster a business’s bottom line, but it also creates an overall better work environment that’s liable to attract and train eager and highly skilled employees in the future.

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Remote Team Building: Digital Escape Rooms

A screenshot of a digital escape game from Emeraude Escape.

Because many employees can’t utilize traditional trust-falls or other types of in-person team-building practices due to remote work environments, businesses have had to evolve and adapt their team-building strategies over the past few years. Thankfully, our experts at Emeraude Escape have risen to meet the challenge with our development of top-quality digital escape rooms!

Our company specializes in working with businesses across the globe to design a wide range of tailor-made digital escape rooms that serve as the perfect team-building activity for remote workers, no matter where they’re working from or what language they speak. Our escape games are accessible via integrated video conferencing from computers, tablets, and even smartphones and can be played in single-player and multiplayer modes.

When you sign up for our services, you’ll receive a game that’s 100% personalized to your company’s image and graphic charter with a unique storyline created around your key message. Our designs take only one to two months to complete, so you’ll have enough time to get your employees excited and ready for action without making them wait forever to play!

Once the platform is developed, it’s entirely yours to reuse as often as you’d like at no additional cost. So you can use it to promote enhanced team-building with countless employees to come.

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Final Thoughts to Consider

Just because your staff is working remotely doesn’t mean that effective team building is less important than before. In fact, one could argue that team building in the workplace has never been more essential! Contact our team of digital escape room experts today at Emeraude Escape to learn about everything we can do for your business and employees!

Are you searching for a quality way to help enhance your employees’ trust, teamwork, and communication? Reach out to our staff at Emeraude Escape today to learn about everything our services can do to help!

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