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Inside the Gamification of Shopping

Online shopping has expanded so rapidly that the global online shopping market size hit nearly 4 trillion in 2020 according to Statista, and is expected to continue growing. The market growth has been propelled by the global pandemic making traditional shopping less accessible, the rise of e-commerce companies, and the internet becoming deeply knitted into our everyday life. With shopping and everyday functions becoming more prevalent online, especially amongst the millennial and gen-z groups, engagement within these digital spaces is crucial.

Consumers today are much harder to please and keep interested with a decreased attention span and accessibility to an almost unlimited amount of content to shift their attention. However, if brands can manage to hold consumer attention it is more than favorable with a Harvard Business Review revealing a rise of customer attention by 5% generates a 25%-95% increase in profit. This is why brands and businesses are opting in for gamification and entry into the Metaverse to reach consumers and keep them engaged and interested. Gamification entails taking elements of a game and intertwining them into processes or transforming the whole shopping experience into a game for complete immersion. Luxury brands are entering the Metaverse and creating fully virtual gamified experiences for shoppers complete with gaming elements many consumers already love and look forward to. This gamification is making it possible for brands to allow consumers to shop and play while also communicating key brand messages. Large companies across different sectors are working with Emeraude Escape to create gamified solutions and virtual escape rooms completely customized to the brand identity in order to penetrate their markets and stand out from the rest. Emeraude Escape creates games and virtual escape rooms for the metaverse and in a variety of other formats intricately designed to fully immerse players and keep them engaged through exciting yet complex gaming storylines and elements to navigate while interacting deeply with the brand.

Brands are gamifying their shopping experiences on various channels and in various ways like:

  • Incorporating games to offer rewards and coupons
  • Creating complete Metaverse gamified worlds where participants can play, explore, and buy products
  • Creating in-game marketplaces on games already well-known

What are the benefits of Gamification for brands?

Gamification improves brand awareness, customer loyalty, and increases profit.

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What gamification formats can brands use to engage consumers?

Emeraude Escape offers a wide selection of virtual escape rooms and game formats like treasure hunt, metaverse, and speed gaming inspired by speed dating.

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How do consumers shop in the Metaverse?

Consumers can shop in the Metaverse using digital cryptocurrencies that has been exchanged from physical currency.

Gamification is on the rise across many industries but shopping is amongst one the most notable with Boston Retail Partnersprojecting that within next five years, nine out of ten retailers (87%) are going to apply gamification to engage their customers. Brands can tap into their creativity to better the user shopping experience and take advantage of gamification.

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