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04/07/22 Expert opinion

How To Gamify Your Corporate Training

The organization of corporate training has drastically changed for many companies and businesses over the last years. The  reason can be found in the huge advantages offered by clever gamification techniques. Below, we will explore the basic principles related to gamification, and its critical role for corporate training.

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What is Gamification, And How Can it improve in Corporate Training?

In short, gamification is a unique process that adds various game-like elements, principles, and mechanics to things that aren’t typically treated or approached like games to make things- including corporate training- more interactive, engaging, and fun for participants. The fundamental game mechanics leveraged in gamification training include; learning, goals, and rewards.

What is gamification and how can it improve corporate training?


Gamification can actively make corporate training more interactive, engaging, meaningful, and fun for employees when appropriately leveraged.

According to reports, many companies are now actively including gamification in all their corporate training efforts. The reason put forward is the ability of gamification to increase productivity and employee morale while significantly reducing workplace turnover.

Companies are also using gamification to improve the results of other training efforts, including onboarding processes for new employees, improving employee skills and compliance, and increasing the emersion of employees in work culture and values.

Gamification Training vs. Traditional Training Programs

Though the idea of gamification may sound revolutionary, it’s not a recent development. Different industries and programs have leveraged the concept for a long time, especially in learning and development (L&D). Gamification is unique in that it can cater to the distinct learning needs of different individuals, even across generations. It’s also well known for making training much more enjoyable while improving information retention.

In contrast, more old-fashioned training formats aren’t designed to cater to the needs of different types of learners, nor are they generally intended to prompt employee engagement, creative thinking, or problem-solving. Many older corporate training methods instead leverage simple text or image-based materials or strictly educational eLearning units, followed by lectures, video presentations, and in-person training.

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Why Should Corporations Use Gamification in Their Training?

Why Should Corporations Use Gamification in Their Training

When gamification is leveraged during corporate training efforts, it can produce a wide array of benefits for the companies and employees, ranging from more effective performance to better communication between coworkers. Below, we’ll delve more specifically into the five key reasons corporations need to consider gamification methods in their training.

1.Science Backs Its Results

Gamification releases specific neurotransmitters, including dopamine, serotonin, and various endorphins that naturally promote positive behavioral changes while increasing happiness and engagement during training. Essentially, gamification created a potent chemical cocktail within the brain and body that can substantially boost people’s response to corporate training efforts.

2. It Accelerates and Incentivises Learning

People naturally learn quicker and are more eager to learn when they feel rewarded for their efforts or that they’re being engaged. Gamification leverages these natural aspects of human learning tendencies to promote more effective corporate training strategies that show better results than other training methods.

3. It Draws on Intrinsic and Extrinsic Motivations

Humans typically operate based on both intrinsic and extrinsic motivations. By leveraging these motivations, gamification helps ensure that training captures and keeps people’s attention and focus over time while promoting high levels of sustained engagement as people work to earn a reward, win a game, or simply be part of an enjoyable experience.

4. It Empowers Social Learning and Connections

Humans are very social creatures and therefore benefit significantly from training that leverages several elements of social learning, whether through virtual platforms or in-person engagement, and gamification does this in spades. Since up to 90% of everything we learn at work takes place outside conventional training, gamification helps create an environment of continuous informal learning and advancement.

5. Remote Employees Prefer It

An international survey conducted for Emeraude Escape in April 2021 revealed that 72% of employees who now work remote want their training to be modernized with digital games, and 73% of employees would like remote team events to be held at least once per month. Out of everyone included in the survey, only 6% of workers said they didn’t want team-building events or exercises.

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How to Leverage Gamification in Corporate Training

What is gamification and how can it help corporate training

When leveraging effective gamification methods in corporate training efforts, companies and high-level employees should focus on;

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1. Combining Engaging Corporate Training Activities With Gamification Elements

Corporations should examine their primary training activities and explore how gamification can enhance trainee engagement, enjoyment, and takeaway. For companies who haven’t leveraged gamification before, it’s best to work with a top-quality gamification company. Emeraude Escape, for example, offers a wide assortment of highly effective gamification solutions for those ready to transform their corporate training approach, including;

  • Serious Game
  • Corporate Applied Games
  • Mobile Learning
  • Digital Learning
  • Blended Learning
  • Collaborative Learning
  • Hard & Soft Skills Development
  • Business & Sales Training

2. Mixing Key Elements of Personalization and Social Learning

Personalized learning and social learning provide various benefits for people, so it’s essential to utilize elements of both during your corporate training efforts. The key is to find an effective balance between making people feel special while promoting social interaction, teamwork, and opportunities for people to learn from one another while comparing ideas.

3. Aligning All Training Efforts With Key Business Learning Objectives

Games leveraged in corporate training should align with and directly tie into crucial learning objectives that will help support employees’ future work in practical, creative, and long-lasting ways. Every part of the training process should be tied to something greater concerning the company, whether its goals and objectives, values, or culture.

Concluding Factors to Keep in Mind

Our team of experts at Emeraude Escape sincerely hopes that the above guide has helped you learn everything you need to know about how gamification can drastically improve your corporate training efforts. Please message us today to learn how we can help customize your training efforts with our selection of specialized services.

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