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LMS User Engagement Tips: Boost Engagement With Gamification

Organizations use learning management systems (LMS) to empower their learning and development departments with training and continuous education—this allows them to further the company’s growth and success to drive revenue.

To achieve those goals, an LMS needs to be a modern and intelligent solution. Why? Because if you want to see a high user adoption rate, people have to enjoy using it. Traditional training methods don’t hit the mark for today’s modern learners, which is where gamification comes in. However, let’s first look at the details, use cases, and benefits of a modern LMS.


What Is an LMS?

Learning management systems are either SaaS platforms or software-based systems that support the administration and delivery of training programs or educational courses. From real-time instruction sessions to online courses that employees can take at their own pace, an LMS is how organizations deliver training materials to their audience.

Companies use their LMS to deploy various learning strategies across many formats, including experiential, formal, and social learning. They also use learning management systems to handle functions like compliance training, sales enablement, and certification management.

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LMS Use Cases & Benefits

At a basic level, an LMS centralizes, deploys, and measures learning activities within an organization. Modern learning management systems support various internal and external use cases in a corporate setting, including:


  • Customer training: One common use of an LMS is providing a way to companies to offer their customer training. This use case is especially common for technology and software companies that need to onboard users efficiently so that they can properly use their products. Ongoing training also gives more value to customers while preventing churn.


  • Partner training: Organizations can also leverage their LMS to train their channels and partners. It’s an excellent way to enhance partnership programs and provide them with even more value.


  • Member training: Another LMS use case is for amplifying membership value by providing centralized training content that facilitates engagement among an organization’s members with digital learning.


  • Compliance training: Sometimes, employees need a little push to get things done. Organizations often use an LMS to ensure that their employees receive the appropriate mandated training. It’s also used to manage recurring training and certification programs. Taking a centralized approach with an LMS is a great way for companies to mitigate risk and avoid potential regulatory compliance issues.


  • Employee onboarding: Possibly the most common use case for an LMS is to act as a corporate program that supports new employees during their initial onboarding. A modern LMS helps new hires ramp up quickly to start earning their keep in an organization.


  • Employee development & retention: No organization wants to deal with high turnover rates. Another common use for learning management systems is to support talent management, training, and development of employees. Within an LMS, organizations can assign courses to employees to ensure they have the right job skills, know about any product changes, are up-to-date on compliance training, etc.


  • Sales enablement: Everyone wants to see a closed deal. And to help salespeople make it happen more often, organizations use an LMS to enable sales at scale by educating their sales team with the right knowledge at the right time. It also helps sales teams by speeding up onboarding, allowing new hires to start selling sooner, and the retention benefits help companies retain their top performers.


Gamification LMS

Top LMS benefits for organizations include:

  • Reduce learning and development costs
  • Free up time for learning and development administrators
  • Track employee progress
  • Cut down training and onboarding times for employees, customers, and partners
  • More easily maintain compliance
  • Measure how learning impacts overall performance


Top LMS benefits for employees include:

  • Acquire knowledge and skills needed for career advancement
  • Increase knowledge retention
  • Improve overall performance


LMS & Gamification: Making Elearning More Engaging


If you want to be the best, you’re not alone. Whether in sports, academia, or your career, competition is in our nature. And incorporating gamification into your LMS taps into that drive to win, benefitting both your organization and its employees.

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An LMS that takes advantage of gamification gives your learners a place to nurture a healthy sense of competition and increases user engagement, motivation, and interactivity.

So, what is gamification, and does it belong in elearning?

Simply put, gamification applies gaming concepts to LMS users’ learning experience. It allows organizations to assign points to courses or questions, letting users unlock badges, rank up on the leaderboards, and compete with their peers. And with advanced gamification, an LMS can include full-fledged corporate games to make user learning a genuinely fun experience.


The Importance of Implementing Gamification In Your LMS

Gamification LMS

Millennials make up 32% of the labor market, meaning they have the largest share. So, the odds are that you have a few millennials in your organization. It’s the first generation to join the workforce that mostly grew up with technology constantly at their fingertips.

And it’s no secret—millennials have short attention spans, making gamification even more crucial for organizations. Implementing gamification into your LMS and elearning strategies is essential to engage your younger employees with your learning material. The more engaged they are with their training content, the higher the chances are that they’ll retain the information.

However, gamification isn’t just for millennials. Earlier, we talked about the innate desire for competition, and gamification satisfies everyone’s desire to one-up their peers.

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Take Your Elearning Strategy to the Next Level With Gamification


We’re all competitive in nature. Leveling up your LMS by implementing gamification brings benefits to both your employees and your organization. Discover how healthy competition brought by gamification can improve your learner’s engagement and performance with Emeraude Escape.

Our gamification solutions aren’t a replacement for your LMS or current systems—we’re here to help you engage with your audience on the platforms you already know and use.

Ready to create a better elearning experience for your employees and see the engagement and productivity boost that gamification can bring to your LMS? Reach out to our gamification experts today and get your free demo to see gamification in action.


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