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How To Use E-Learning Games For Employee Development

According to research, 59% of workers say they received no workplace training, and most of their skills were self-taught, 74% of workers are willing to retrain or learn new skills to stay employable, and 87% of millennials think it’s important for employees to grow professionally.

Companies are always on the lookout for ways to improve their employee’s skills. The best way to do this is by using e-learning games.

These games provide employees with a fun and interactive experience that will help them learn the right skills they will need to perform better at their jobs.

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What Is E-learning and How Does It Work?

The definition of e-learning is clear and straightforward. E-learning is learning or education delivered online through a computer, tablet, or any other digital device. The purpose of e-learning is to provide training and information for people who might not otherwise have access to it.

How It Works
Successful e-learning programs rely on regular reviews and periodic feedback from learners’ end-users to ensure that course objectives have been met and that better methods can be developed in the future.

You can use e-learning in your organization to keep your employees up-to-date on company policies or to help your customers better understand your product.

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Benefits of E-learning for Your Business

The use of e-learning has become increasingly popular in recent years as it provides a cost-effective way of training employees.

Organizations constantly look for ways to improve their business and stay competitive in the market. Some of the e-learning benefits for your business include:

1. It Is Cost Effective
E-learning is an integral part of your business. It not only allows you to educate your staff about your products and services, but it allows for all your employees to work remotely, giving you a cost-effective way to teach them about the current trends in the industry.

2. It Is Flexible
E-learning is a widely used solution to provide your users with flexible training programs to meet their specific business needs. It is accessible at all times, making it easy to manage despite being available online and offline.

3. It Is Better Than Traditional Learning
The concept of e-learning is really nothing new. Demos, self-paced training modules, simulations, and microlearning have been used for years in various industries. However, the recent wave of technological advancements has increased the popularity of improved learning courses.

4. It Creates a Positive Work Environment
According to Harvard Business Review, most organizations are currently using e-learning technologies. This has led to a positive work environment because employees can study and learn on their own schedule.

e-learning is especially useful for businesses with a large amount of geographically dispersed employees or working in industries requiring frequent technical training.

5. It Makes Your Company More Competitive
In order to have a competitive edge, businesses turn to technology. Investing in an e-learning platform is a great decision you can make if you want your business to become more successful. The platform will help your employees be more effective and productive while ensuring they are also up-to-date with the latest industry changes.

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Challenges of E-learning for Employees

Learning adult

E-learning is a great solution for companies that want to make their employees more productive. However, like everything else, it does come with challenges such as:

1. Negative Past Experiences
Why is the perception of online training and employee onboarding so heavily linked?

It’s because employees tend to lump their perception of online training with other training experiences that they have received in the past.

In most cases, it has included a series of redundant, unimaginative e-learning courses, which can create an anti-online training sentiment among employees.

2. Inconsistent Internet Connectivity
Nothing is worse than almost completing an online course and realizing your internet just shut down for the next 12 hours. One of the most frustrating challenges virtual employees will face when taking a corporate e-learning course is inconsistent internet access.

3. Minimal Communication With Online Peers
Learning is traditionally a social experience. Online learners don’t see the value in learning things in isolation. They miss the interaction with other students and teachers, and they miss out on the perks of traditional classroom learning: engaging in meaningful discussion and relationship building with peers..

4. There Is Minimal Motivation
Getting employees to drink more than two cups of coffee daily is hard enough, let alone taking mandatory online training courses to improve their metrics. The tricky thing about motivation is that it needs to be supplemented when you least expect it. You can’t shove it down their throats each time a new employee joins your company or even once they’ve had time to settle in.

5. Lack of Time Management
Time management is an essential skill for adulthood. Adults have many responsibilities in school, work, home, and their personal lives. They are required to manage these tasks, and the best way to learn how to do so is in practice.

The issue with online training is that it becomes more challenging to manage time when it is all in a single course. This leads to instruction abandonment because they don’t feel motivated enough to go through the course material. Creating smaller modules will ease this time constraint and keep them motivated.

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Elements of Good E-learning Games

E-learning games are a great way to add excitement to your boring, standard training programs. Various elements for awesome e-learning games include Visually Explosive Graphics, Sounds, Avatars or Characters, Progress Bars or Maps, Score Competition, and Timers.

The goal is to provide additional entertainment for the learner that keeps them motivated, interested, and on track with the content being learned.

Types of E-learning Games for Employee Development

Woman learning on computer

Games are an exciting way to bring in some creativity into your training sessions and make them more enjoyable.

There are different types of games you can use for employee development, including:

Digital Escape Rooms
A digital escape room is a game where players solve puzzles using online clues. These puzzles require teamwork and problem-solving skills. Players are expected to work together to figure out how to get past obstacles and find their way out of the room.

Treasure Hunt 
Treasure hunts are a great way to develop team-building skills and foster communication between employees. A treasure hunt is a scavenger hunt where teams compete against each other to collect the most items while being given clues about what to look for.

Battle Royale / Squid Game
Battle royale is a game where two teams face off against each other until only one remains. Each team starts with a specific number of lives; once someone loses all of theirs, they lose the match.

Quiz Race
Quiz races are a fun way to test knowledge and encourage collaboration among coworkers. Teams take turns answering questions about a topic. Whoever answers the question correctly first wins.

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Empower your workforce with Emeraude Escape

Businesses are constantly on the lookout for the best technology to make the workplace efficient, productive, and cost friendly.

Emeraude Escape helps companies transform stale, outdated training practices. The ultimate success of any gamified learning program depends on the cohesiveness of the company’s culture and how relevant the learning is to your organization.

By determining specific objectives and then evaluating how your gamified training program meets those goals, you will be able to maximize the effectiveness of your strategy.

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