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How to improve corporate training with a Serious Game?

Serious Game: an improved training thanks to gamification

The gamification of corporate training gives very good results. They are detected in terms of knowledge acquisition, knowledge retention, and also employee engagement. While reaching the training goals of an organization, the Serious Game meets the employee expectations.

The Serious Game meets an expectation

Lately, the Talent Development Association has highlighted the findings of a US study according to which

  • 90% of employees say gamification make them more productive at work
  • 80% of US workers believe a game-based learning is more engaging.

Last year, Emeraude Escape has carried out a similar study at an international scale. There, it was 72% of employees who said they wished digital games to modernize their training.

The Serious Game is a positive trigger

Actually, daily, at Emeraude Escape, we witness the satisfaction our Serious Games bring to several categories of employees inside our clients’ organizations. The teams in charge of training organization and coordination are particularly happy about their impact in terms of participation, engagement and training goals. Besides, we observe – directly or through the feedback we receive – the pleasure employees are taking at playing at our games to train.

Virtual treasure hunts or scavenger hunt, digital escape rooms, and digital championships are among the top wanted games at employees’ level.

In 2021, one of our tailored game was awarded the Best Integrated Activity prize at the Mobile Learning Awards organized by Teach on Mars. The awarded game was the Grand Tour, an imaginary and educational journey, we designed and developed for the 60th anniversary of the DIPTYQUE brand. This game intended for all employees worldwide has been a success with our client’s teams. Besides, all the care, we put in designing customized premium and internalized Serious Games was acknowledged. It has been a moving moment for our client and for us.

Serious Game: an effective and distinctive training

Improving corporate training thanks to the Serious Game

With an educational, practical and recreational, collective and individual wellness, the Serious Games provide satisfaction to organizations and employees. Actually, they meet the training objectives and the skill development strategies of organizations. In parallel, employees particularly like this game-based format for training. This is why  they can convey value to an employer brand.

1/ The educational dimension of Serious Game

  • Hard skills: by essence, the Serious Game conveys information to the learners, the main goal of the organization which arrange for the training may vary. Typically, it can target the acquisition by employees of a particular hard skill. Nevertheless, it can also focus on strengthening existing hard skills, or raising awareness on a particular topic.
  • Soft skill: beyond industry or technical know-how, the Serious Game develop employees’ behavioral skills, namely capacity to collaborate, to take initiatives, etc. These skills are strategic for organizations today.

2/ The practical and recreational dimension of Serious Game

3/ The federative dimension of Serious Game.

Literally, a Serious Game is a game. As such, it necessarily implies a bit of competition. However, it’s also a social platform. In other words, it encourages participants to connect, communicate and share with one another.

4/ The wellness dimension of Serious Game

The Serious Game also provides to each employee a personal and positive training experience. In parallel, it can help the organization’s efforts to prevent digital burnout (Zoom fatigue, etc. ) among its employees. Actually, this a growing risk with the boom of remote work.


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+400% to +800% in terms of participation compared to standard e-learning training for several clients of Emeraude Escape.

There is no limit of players because you own 100% of the game. You can use it as many times as you want. Our servers can welcome up to 200,000 players simultaneously.

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