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Exciting Ways To Get New Hires Ready For Employment

Are you looking for ways to improve your onboarding process? Onboarding is the period of time between accepting a job offer and beginning work, and it may make or break a new employee’s experience. Unattended, 80% of employees battle with anxiety upon beginning a new position. Gamification is an innovative strategy for reducing employee turnover during the onboarding process by increasing the enthusiasm of new workers.

Different Ways To Get New Hires Excited About Working With You

1.Gamify The Pre Boarding Process

Using gamification in preboarding allows candidates to learn more about your organization before their start date. Games are entertaining and engaging, which will help employees understand what they’ll be doing and how their work fits into the larger picture.

Preboarding is an ideal time to gamify different activities and tasks, making them more entertaining and engaging for employees. This can include simple games such as quizzes or competitions with rewards for those who complete tasks quickly and accurately. By gamifying parts of the pre boarding process, you can make a strong first impression on new hires and motivate them to come in on their first day.

2. Blended Learning

Blended learning accommodates all types of learners and is a  great way to gamify onboarding and get new hires excited about working with you. Blended learning uses gamified methodologies tailored to your company’s needs, allowing each employee to find their own learning path. This approach makes onboarding more interactive and engaging, as employees can explore their interests within the game context. It also allows for quick absorption of corporate knowledge, helping new hires quickly become part of the team.

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3.Invite New Hires To An Event Or Lunch Outside The Office

Inviting new hires to an event or lunch outside the office is a great way to build relationships with them and help boost morale. It allows for more informal conversations, which can be especially beneficial when introducing them to their peers in the company. Plus, it’s always nice to get out of the office and enjoy some good food!Group of Employees Having Fun

4. Offer Learning Opportunities Throughout Their First Year On The Job.

Finally, don’t forget to continue offering learning opportunities throughout the first year of employment. This can include online courses, conferences, seminars, and other activities that help them stay up-to-date with the company and their industry. Investing in your new hires’ professional development demonstrates that you value their contribution and are committed to helping them grow in their roles. Investing in pre boarding is a great way to reduce turnover during employee onboarding and increase long-term retention rates. With gamification, mentorships, onboarding kits, and social events all playing important roles in engaging new employees from day one, companies can ensure a positive experience for everyone involved – setting them up for success from day one.

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Benefits Of Gamification

Gamification can increase engagement and motivation:

Gamification techniques, such as leaderboards and challenges, can tap into the natural human desire for competition and achievement. This can help keep new employees motivated and engaged during the onboarding process, which can be especially useful if they feel overwhelmed or intimidated by the new role. Gamification methods also make learning more enjoyable, allowing new hires to stay focused and retain more of the content.

Employees perform way better when introduced to gamification! Explore options.

Gamification Can Help Reduce Mistakes:

The gamified onboarding process encourages employees to slow down and think carefully about their actions. This helps them avoid making costly errors that could affect the success of the company or their career prospects. By offering rewards for correct answers or performance milestones, gamification techniques can create a positive reinforcement loop that motivates employees to take their time when engaging in activities related to onboarding.

Gamification Can Boost Morale:

Introducing gamified elements into your onboarding program can give employees something fun and exciting to look forward to each day. This can help alleviate some of the stress and anxiety associated with starting a new job and boost morale by creating an enjoyable learning experience. Additionally, gamification can help strengthen the teamspirit.

Gamification Can Improve Retention:

By making the onboarding process more enjoyable and interactive, gamification can help new employees feel more connected to the company and its culture. This can lead to increased job satisfaction and a lower rate of turnover. Additionally, gamification can help new hires feel better prepared to handle the tasks associated with their role, increasing their confidence and reducing their anxiety. As a result, gamified onboarding programs can reduce employee attrition rates in the long run.

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Gamification Can Facilitate Learning:

Gamification can make learning more fun and engaging, which can help new employees retain information more effectively. This is especially useful if the company has a lot of complex processes or systems that need to be learned quickly. Additionally, gamified activities can provide a more interactive and enjoyable way for new hires to learn about the company’s policies and procedures. With gamification techniques such as quizzes and challenges, employees can test their knowledge in a low-pressure environment – helping them stay motivated and engaged.

People Working In Front of Computers

Gamification Can Build Relationships:

By introducing gamified elements into the pre boarding process, companies can create an opportunity for new hires to interact with their peers while still learning relevant information. This helps employees feel connected to the team from the outset and encourages collaboration between team members. Additionally, gamified activities can be tailored to fit different learning styles, allowing everyone to participate regardless of their personal preferences or strengths.

Looking to get your employees excited about their new job? Try Gamifying.

Overall, gamification is an effective way to reduce turnover during employee onboarding and improve retention rates in the long term. By introducing gamified elements into your pre boarding program, you can make learning more enjoyable and engaging while helping new employees build relationships with peers and become more familiar with company culture.

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