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3 Ways to Make Digital Seminars More Interactive

Have you ever been to a digital seminar and realized no one was paying attention?

Maybe you were hosting the digital seminar and noticed your employees were so bored out of their minds that they spent most of their time scrolling through their phones. As the host, you want to avoid these pitfalls and keep your employees engaged during the seminar.

But, how can you ensure you keep your employees attention on the message you’re relaying during the seminar? By making your digital seminars more interactive, and in this blog post, we’re going to share three ways to help you achieve this goal.

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The Different Goals of Digital Seminars

The purpose of seminars is to help employees build on their professionalism and achieve their career goals. Because these meetings are held a few times a year, they aim to accomplish various goals.

For example, when new employees are hired, an onboarding process may be held to help them adjust to their new work environment. By making the onboarding process more interactive, you can entice new employees to become excited about working with your company.

Another example of using a digital seminar is to build awareness of a complex matter, such as cyber security. Employees can engage with quizzes, videos, and games to help them understand the importance of internet safety within the workplace or working from home.

Lastly, if you would like to build collaboration skills among your employees, a teamwork seminar will help you do this. In this type of seminar, your employees can work together to solve puzzles in different game settings to improve their communication and cooperation skills. As a result, your employees engage with each other across departments and form a unity.

3 Ways to Make Your Digital Seminar Successful

During a seminar, it’s a perfect time for your employees to develop new skills they can use at work. However, it can be a challenge when they aren’t paying attention.

The only way to make your digital seminar successful is to make it more interactive. Below you’ll find three ways to achieve this goal.

1. Include Games to Keep Employees Engaged
Interactive games are essential to keeping your employees engaged during a digital seminar. It allows them to process the information you’re providing in a fun and exciting way.

Luckily, there are several gaming formats you can include with your digital seminar. To help lighten the mood and make everyone feel relaxed, try a speed game to create an ice-breaker with your employees.

Another option is to create a metaverse to keep employees engaged during the digital seminar. As they play through the different levels, they will have the chance to interact with other members. By the end of the seminar, they’ll feel connected with one another and understand the company’s goals.

2. Make the Introduction Exciting
Starting off, you want to engage your employees to keep their attention on the seminar. If you start with a boring introduction, you’ll lose your employees throughout the rest of the meeting.

You can create an introduction video to explain the goal of the seminar. The video will help motivate your employees to understand the seminar’s importance better and stay engaged throughout the meeting.

Another idea to make the introduction stand out is to create a virtual waiting room. While in the waiting room, employees can check in by signing their names, testing their cameras and speakers, and interacting with a virtual person.

You can also provide a short game for them to play until it’s time for the seminar to start. By making the introduction more interactive, you’ll ensure your employees stay engaged throughout the entire seminar.

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3. Test Your Employee’s Knowledge
At the end of the seminar, it’s a great time to test your employee’s knowledge. You can do this with an interactive quiz for your digital seminar. At the end, you can review the results of each employee to see if the subject was too hard to remember or if they could retain the information fully.

If you notice most employees struggle to retain a piece of certain information, you can rebuild your strategy to help them understand it better. As a result, you’re not only keeping your employees engaged during the seminar but gaming data that will be useful for your company.


Pitfalls to Avoid to Help Your Digital Seminar Succeed

As there are many benefits a digital seminar can provide to a company, such as gathering hundreds of employees at one time, some pitfalls are bound to happen. For example, technical difficulties occur at the worst moments, so it’s essential to have a solution ready before it develops.

Moreover, you need to ensure your information is readable and adaptable to various devices, as many people will not be able to connect to a computer during the digital seminar. However, with the help of Emeraude-escape, you’ll have less of a chance of these pitfalls ever happening. If they do ever happen, we’re here to help solve any issues you may have.

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Use These Tips to Make Your Digital Seminars More Interactive

All companies, no matter what their industry, can benefit from gamification. And when it comes to the yearly seminar, you can make it more interesting by making them interactive.

If you notice your employees are not paying attention in seminars, consider using these tips above to help them stay engaged. Enhanced your digital seminars with customized avatars, integrated audio & chat, puzzles, quizzes, and more.

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