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Team Building in the Metaverse: What You Need to Know

More and more companies are utilizing the metaverse to participate in unique, team-building experiences and activities. The metaverse is an ideal environment because it encourages engagement and interaction. We’ll list several fun team-building games you can play in the metaverse to bring your teams closer.

What is the Metaverse?

The metaverse is a digital platform where users can experience a three-dimensional simulation of a real or fantasy environment. It enables users to collaborate and interact from all over the world from web-enabled devices. The Harvard Business Review recognizes that the metaverse will reshape how we do business and interact with others.

The metaverse is an ideal environment to facilitate meaningful team-building activities because it encourages communication and problem-solving. Different metaverse platforms offer a variety of immersive and interactive experiences to help your teams grow closer together.

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A team working together in a team-building activity

Ideas for Meaningful Team Building Experiences in the Metaverse

In a survey85% of respondents feel the metaverse will impact their employment for collaboration, conferences, and team building. Here are a few fun ideas for team-building activities you can do in the metaverse:

Escape Room
A digital escape room is the ultimate environment to get your team working together quickly to solve clues, make deductions, and ultimately bond in a fun and interactive environment. Unleash your inner detective as the group works to piece together puzzles, secret codes, and tricky combinations to unlock the door that will get your team to safety.

Digital escape rooms can be customized to many unique environments, situations, and goals to help your team come together. Team members can move their avatars around the room to interact with different puzzles, clues, and objects to help the group reach the room’s goal.

Treasure Hunt
A treasure hunt is a competitive team-building activity that can challenge and engage your team to work together in smaller groups to collect clues, search unique locations, and go on a digital adventure as they race to find the treasure. This metaverse experience can be customized to fit the needs, goals, or rewards of the team.

The treasure hunt can be used for a variety of company educational goals, such as:

  • Onboarding
  • Skill Development
  • Company Culture & Values
  • Brand Loyalty

At Emeraude Escape, we can help you customize an engaging and adventurous hunt that can delight your teams and keep them talking well after the event is over. Adding valuable rewards will also incentivize your workforce.

Scavenger Hunt
For a virtual scavenger hunt, players must find objects or complete tasks either in the metaverse environment or at home. Team members have a specific amount of time to complete or identify as many tasks/objects on the list as they can.

You can have your team play against each other or work in mini-groups to complete the list. To play, you’ll want to select a metaverse platform that can accommodate most web-enabled devices.

Mystery Role Play

In this game, your team members will become characters in a mystery role play where team members will work together to solve a crime to discover whodunit. This will get your team members interacting and utilizing their social and reasoning skills to solve the case.

The mystery can be customized to any environment, time period, or scenario that will reflect your business brand, values, or sense of adventure. Your team members can choose their own avatars with specially crafted character details and personality traits to create an interactive fantasy environment they won’t forget.

The role play activity doesn’t have to be a mystery. You could also customize a choose-your-own-adventure role play where your teammates must work together to decide the direction of their adventure as they work to achieve a goal.

Desert Island Scenario
Desert Island is a great ice-breaker game to play for a team-building activity. To play, you’ll want to divide the group into smaller teams. Then within the metaverse, you can place them in a virtual environment that resembles a desert island. On the island, there should be several ridiculous items scattered around.

Teams must work together to find and decide which four items are essential for survival on the island. The team must provide a creative and funny explanation for why they choose each item. Playing in the metaverse makes it more exciting and engaging.

Digital Trivia
Digital trivia games get everyone competing and interacting as you challenge your team members with difficult trivia. You can customize your trivia game or use topical trivia. The metaverse can keep track of points, identify who answers first or allows everyone to answer before revealing the correct answer.

You can split your team into mini groups to work collectively to encourage more collaboration. And you can award prizes to the winning group or individual. This is a great game to break up meetings or training activities for a fun brain break.

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A team playing together in the metaverse

The Metaverse: Perfect for Team Building

The metaverse creates a virtual environment to facilitate a wide variety of games and team-building experiences. You can customize activities to draw your teams closer or make them more company specific.

It’s also an easy way to get everyone together at the end of a long week to relax and socialize in a non-work setting. Emeraude Escape builds customized metaverse solutions for companies wanting a unique team-building experience.

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