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How to Choose a Metaverse for Company Events

The metaverse is a virtual platform where people worldwide can come to socialize, relax, and experience immersive environments. The metaverse is an ideal place to host a company event where your employees can come together for team building, entertainment, education, and collaboration. It’s no wonder the metaverse market will grow to $678 billion by 2030.

In this article, we explain why hosting a corporate event in the metaverse is an experience your employees and clients will remember. We’ll also offer tips to create a memorable and immersive metaverse event.

What is a Metaverse?

The metaverse is a digital environment where users can experience a three-dimensional environment that simulates a real or fantasy environment. It enables users to collaborate and interact from all over the world.

Businesses can leverage multiple metaverse platforms depending on the event they want to host. The metaverse also utilizes cryptocurrency blockchain technology to authenticate users at your event and conduct transactions securely.

Metaverse’s Impact on Meetings & Corporate Events

The metaverse provides another digital platform allowing your employees and clients to interact in a safe, immersive virtual environment. It creates an intriguing and interactive alternative to Zoom or Google Hangouts.

The metaverse is an ideal location for meetings and corporate events because:

  • It has unlimited space for participants.
  • Users can log in from any web-enabled device; it isn’t restricted to AR/VR technology.
  • Boosts employee engagement and enables collaboration from remote employees.
  • Has different metaverse platforms that offer gamification, entertainment, and other creative ways to engage participants.
  • Acts as a bridge between real and virtual events.

Examples of Metaverses

There are several different metaverse platforms that each offer different environments that cater to different immersive experiences. While new metaverse environments are being launched all the time, here are a few popular metaverse platforms that cater to events:

A metaverse gaming platform beloved by kids and teens, Roblox was one of the first to hold events. Companies use it now for team hangouts and team-building activities. It has an excellent face-to-face chat tool and a wide variety of interactive games you can play with large groups.

Party.Space is a customizable environment that specializes in simultaneous multiple chatrooms for events that need private rooms at the same time as the main event. You don’t need additional hardware to participate; this space is excellent for team building and fundraising events.

Horizon Worlds
This is Meta’s metaverse platform designed specifically for virtual business meetings. Each participant designs a 3D avatar that represents them inside a virtual meeting environment. The meeting rooms can be customized to fit the needs of your event. But you may need to ensure every participant has the necessary hardware and software to interact in the Horizon World.

Gather is a video chat environment that offers simple games for participants to play while collaborating. This metaverse platform is great for team-building events where you want to mix objectives and fun. The space can be customized to fit the needs of your event or meeting.

Decentraland is a decentralized platform governed by its users. You can own land in the metaverse and create your own immersive experience for your event. Or you can rent space from other companies in Decentraland that cater to virtual events. There are also lots of experiences offered in Decentraland that you can use for your event. Peer-to-peer communication is more limited in this space.

Microsoft Mesh
This is Microsoft’s metaverse solution for holographic team collaboration. You can project yourself as a photo-realistic avatar, and it mimics your eye movement, facial expression, and gestures. You can use any mobile device to participate.

Want to build a custom metaverse event that creates a positive experience with your brand? Contact us to get started.

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remote employee attending a metaverse event from home

How to Host An Event in the Metaverse

If you want to host a meeting, team-building activity, or corporate event in the metaverse, here are some tips for a successful event:

Set Goals for Your Event
Before you pick a metaverse platform or determine a budget, you need to define clear, measurable goals for the event. This will help determine the event’s direction, purpose, and focus. It can also help you determine the requirements and functionality for the virtual event.

Find a Venue
Once you understand the goals and direction for the event, you need to pick a metaverse platform to facilitate the event. This will primarily be driven by the event objectives.

Each platform has its pros and cons that you’ll need to consider before the event. You’ll also need to evaluate if you need additional hardware or software for your participants, depending on your chosen venue.

Train Your Attendees
Most people are new to the metaverse, and hosting a virtual event may have a learning curve. You’ll want to send your attendees any software, training, and FAQs about the metaverse platform you are using for the event.

You’ll want to provide a step-by-step guide on how to enter and participate in the event. This way, they aren’t caught jumping in a corner all night because they don’t know how to control their avatar or utilize the chat feature.

Allow Time for Social Interactions
One of the metaverse’s best advantages is its ability to facilitate collaboration and interaction. The best way to engage your attendees is to provide activities and time that foster social interaction and networking opportunities. You’ll want to choose a platform with tools, gamification, chat, and other features that encourage interaction with other attendees.

Have Fun
The metaverse is a unique environment that encourages creativity and imaginative experiences. Give your attendees time to explore, choose their own adventure, and interact with others to create a memorable event.

Want help designing and hosting a metaverse event? Learn more about our process and how we can help make it happen quickly.

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How the Metaverse Will Impact the Event Industry

The metaverse is a new and evolving environment that can create an immersive experience that is difficult to achieve in the real world. You can bring together people from all over the globe to interact and collaborate in a safe and imaginative space.

Try a team-building event or corporate party where you can dance, play games, see a concert, or visit a unique environment. We can help you build a metaverse event your employees and customers will remember.

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