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Escapoly – 2022 gift for our clients

Season of giving

Every year, during the holidays season, we share the heartfelt moment of gifting with our clients with a tailor-made present. It is in our DNA to personalize and customize everything we create. This year we decided to reinvent the all time favorite classic board game, Monopoly in our very own Emeraude fashion, ESCAPOLY! A little challenge ain’t gonna hurt nobody!

Emeraude Escapoly
Emeraude Escape Monopoly - Escapoly


Escapoly is designed to deepen the relationships with our clients. Through the game experience, our clients will get to know Emeraude Escape in a more comprehensive way. It is also our token of appreciation to show that we appreciate them for working with us, for entrusting us with their projects and simply for being the amazing clients that they are. Escapoly is available in two languages: FR and EN as we are french-based company and we have clients in different continents.

This multiplayer game is relatively easy to play and can create a dynamic and friendly atmosphere between friends, family and colleagues, though some healthy confrontations with one another can occur during the game.

Emeraude Escape Monopoly - Escapoly

Dedication of the team

From conception to delivery, a team of 2 game designers/project managers, 1 creative director, 2 illustrators and 1 prod master had worked closely together during 2 months for this seamless and delightful gift for our clients.

Emeraude Escape Monopoly - Escapoly

Rules of the game

Objective: It is exactly the same as Monopoly. Be the richest player by bankrupting other players. But we put some mini addons.


  • 1 customized board
  • 2 customiszed dice
  • 8 customized tokens
  • 32 houses and 12 hotels
  • 16 customized chance cards and 16 customised community chest cards
  • 28 customized title deed cards
  • 210 customized bills
Emeraude Escapoly

Emeraude Escape

We created Escapoly mainly to display the gratitude towards our clients. We would have not come this far without our prestigious clients. Every challenge we faced, has led us to evolve who we are as a team:

  • our identity
  • our CSR value
  • our personality
  • our know-how
  • our milestones
  • our workforce
  • our project management
  • our future plan

Our clients will learn our evolution through the game experience and will get the key message we want to share with them; they have played a vital role in our evolution and we will continue to grow thanks to their unwavering support.

Wishing everyone a merry christmas and a happy new year!
Emeraude Escape

Emeraude Escapoly

Secret Level

We created a secret puzzle hidden in the Escapoly for the most adventurous & courageous player. Sadly, we can’t tell you more about it as it has not been solved by anyone yet.

Emeraude Escapoly

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