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Escape Game 2021 Advent calendar for our clients

Like every year at Emeraude Escape, we have developed a fully customized advent calendar that we offer to our clients (discover the personalized gifts of 2019 and 2020). The box, designed in 2 versions (French and English) by our Game Designers, illustrators and decorators, offers a retrospective of all the games developed by our teams in 2021.

Each box of the calendar features a client, includes a gift and hides a riddle whose solution allows the player to decipher the name of the next client, thus sending the player to the next box, and this for 24 days!
A look back at this December operation that honors our most beautiful achievements of 2021

All the visuals have been drawn by our illustrators and refer to the projects created in 2021


At nightfall, the Christmas snow had covered the Montparnasse district with its white coat.
It was cold and a window had been accidentally left open.
Intrigued (and very, very curious), Sarrasin the elf entered the Emerald Escape offices.
He couldn’t believe his eyes: in front of him was the wonderful Christmas Factory, with all the games developed over the past year.
The temptation was so great that he set out to try them all.
But in the heat of the moment, he made a mess of things and pushed one of the levers of the production machine. Catastrophe! The factory stopped!
Emerald Escape is counting on you: get the games back in order, unlock the production and win your Christmas present. The Christmas ceremony is waiting for you to start! Where to start?
Sarrasin the elf flew to Montparnasse with two paper airplanes and flew over a golden temple…

With these words, the game is launched and each player is invited to go through the different riddles in the Advent calendar. There was no room for hesitation or defeat: a hotline had even been created to give a hand to those who needed it!

Prior to the launch of this operation, months of hard work were undertaken. The Emeraude Escape teams have come up with a game of puzzles that reflects their creativity and work over the past year, and celebrates the holiday season.

Each of the boxes was personalized to the client and engraved with a laser cutter.
The Game Designers (not having had their fill of challenges in 2021) imagined a high-end advent calendar with 24 different stories to tell. In each box, there was a gift related to the customer, we find rosebuds in the Lancôme box, a rubik’s cube that had to be put back in the right direction to display a code related to Microsoft, Chamallows from Haribo, a mini candle for Diptyque, a mini Hermès homemade square…

Using Emeraude Escape’s codes and those of our clients, our graphic designers and illustrators reproduced game scenes and created a luxurious, 100% custom calendar and packaging. Reproduction of scenes, customization of boxes, every detail was carefully thought out by the teams in order to design the box and its boxes all different from each other.

The Advent calendar is then sent to all our customers in 2021 so that they can find a hint of their game in the box and keep the holiday fun going by solving a riddle every day and taking on the challenge caused by Buckwheat the elf. So what will be the surprise for Emerald’s customers in 2022? Happy Holidays to all!

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