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Raising awareness to cybersecurity inside organizations

Gamification is a powerful facilitator in organizations including on a serious topic like cybersecurity. Cyberattacks are on the rise. In parallel, WFH become more and more mainstream. As a result raising awareness on cybersecurity inside organizations and building a cybersecurity culture is critical. However, honestly cybersecurity is usually a topic which faces difficulties to drive enthusiasm among employees. By adding a fun dimension, you can kill two birds with one stone.  

Why raising awareness to cybersecurity is difficult?

Cybersecurity belongs to the corporate training topics facing difficulties to meet its public. A learning platform even compared this type of training to going to the dentist last year. Everyone knows you have to go, but nobody wants to. The human resources and/or internal training managers often face the same difficulties in terms of engagement.

Here are the common replies you hear when you ask employees about cybersecurity training sessions:

  • The vocabulary will be too technical for me. I will not dare to ask my questions in front of everybody.
  • The link with my daily tasks is not clear. I don’t see how I will use this.
  • I don’t see the need. I already know enough about cybersecurity
  • I don’t see why we do that on-site where we could have done that remotely.
  • If I had been able to choose, I certainly won’t have picked this training to develop my skills.

Raising awareness to cybersecurity: gamification as a solution – 5 key figures

Raising awareness to cybersecurity: gamification as a solution in 5 key figures

Key Figure 1 – 95% of cybersecurity issues are traced to human error

Consequences: this key figure deriving from the Global Risk Report 2022 issue by the World Economic Forum show how important and urgent it is to train and raise awareness on cybersecurity inside organizations among employees. If as Kapersky says, 90% of employees get it wrong when they take a test on the cybersecurity basics, there is really no time to lose.

Key Figure 2 – 78% employees work hybrid

Consequences: They were 47% prior to the pandemic according to a study carried out by Mc Kinsey. This is why the use of digital resources and tools and the remote access to organizations’ servers has boomed. Correlatively, the risks of breach and failure are on the rise.

Key Figure 3 – 82% of respondents reported budget increase 

Consequences: this key figure, disclosed in a study by Accenture on cyber-resilience, shows organizations get resources. Will they allocate these resources to both securing IT systems, and training employees?  At Emeraude Escape, we are convinced that the future of cybersecurity lies in technology and human. How? With a better knowledge of the risks and the adoption of cautious behaviors.

Key Figure 4 – 83% employees who receive gamified training feel more motivated

Consequences: training, motivation, and gamification are tightly bound. This study by Talent LMS also revealed that 61% of employees who receive regular training without any gamification elements felt bored. This element also confirms how much these notions are interconnected.

Key Figure 5 – globally 72% employees who now work remote wish their training to be modernized with digital games

Consequences: Employees expect more dynamic digital training with more fun and more interactivity.  See all the results of this international survey conducted for Emeraude Escape among remote workers.


The game is a serious asset when it comes to address a compelling issue like cybersecurity. There are several types of formats to gamify cybersecurity training. At Emeraude Escape, we offer tailor-made and immersive experiences which match our clients’ environments, their brand DNA and their challenges.

As a leader on corporate digital games, we are very acquainted with the issue of cybersecurity. Internally, with a team fully dedicated to IT security. Externally by supporting various organizations on this sensitive issue to meet training and awareness-raising goals.

For instance, we have designed and developed an immersive 3D game for the IT giants, Intel and Hewlett Packard. We have also created tailor-made Escape Games to raise awareness on cybersecurity for companies like Hermes Groupe Richemont etc. Some were implemented on a physical mode, other on a digital and global mode. Another example, we have conceived hand-in-hand with datacraft a digital game to raise employee awareness on the importance and the relevance of data. This project had brought together datacraft, Danone and Air Liquide. Discover our works.

Contact our specialists today to gamify and raise awareness on the cybersecurity issues of your organization. We will take care of developing alertness and enthusiasm on the cybersecurity topic.

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