Speed Gaming

Directly inspired from speed dating, this format allows 2 players, chosen at random, to collaborate together in solving challenges.
Speed gaming

Spin the wheel and immerse yourself in a multitude of challenging games designed to be played in pairs and solved in less than 3 minutes. Once the time is up, it’s time to team up with another member of your organization for a new game.

Replace the coffee machine chat and encourage your employees to break the ice with their colleagues.

The challenges, done in pairs promote the creation of direct links between employees of different professions in the company and encourage cooperation among all participants.

Speed Gaming encourages players to get to know each other in a fun and dynamic environment.

There is no confrontation here: we do not play against each other or team against team, but together. The goal of this format is to encourage the meeting and the collaboration between the collaborators. The stronger the collaboration, the more points the pair will win.

At the end of each game, the duo discovers its score and another person is assigned to the player. Speed Gaming puts forward the team spirit, the cohesion and the sharing of information between the two players. Thus, the more a pair will have collaborated, the higher its score will be.

Creating your digital game, how does it work?

The conception of the digital game is done hand in hand between our Game Designers and your company’s teams. You tell us your objectives, problems, guidelines, and/or concepts that you want players to get from their experience; we discuss and determine the format together. Our games are customized to your company’s image and integrate all the elements you want to appear in the game, while respecting your graphic charter.

It takes from 20 days to 3 months to design a Speed Gaming.

The budget can be requested on our contact form.

Our servers are made for up to 200,000 players simultaneously thanks to our DevOps skills.

The Speed Gaming belongs to you, which means you can reuse it as often as you want and as long as you need, with no additional cost.

Our Recommendations

  • Duration

    Between 45 and 60 minutes.

  • Frequency

    Weekly or monthly game.

  • Number of players

    From 4 participants per team.

  • More

    Available in a 3 player version.

Some game possibilities for you...

Faced with cards presented face down, the aim of the game is to turn over, in turn, the pairs of identical cards. This game stimulates memory and encourages discussion between them.

Once all pairs of cards have been turned over, the duo moves on to the next level with more cards to uncover within the time limit.


The two players are faced with a large scene made up of buildings, characters and labyrinths in which they must take turns finding a series of greyed-out objects, emblematic of the company, in their inventory. Based solely on the shape of the hidden items, the duo must pay attention to every detail and corner of the set to find as many items as possible before the timer rings the end of the game!


The two players are plunged into the darkness, in the heart of the safe room.
Using their cursor in the form of a flashlight, the duo shines a light on the different safes and then reveals a series of codes allowing them to open the safes. Unfortunately, the combinations presented are incomplete.

In order to reveal all the missing characters, the pair must work together to put together the complete combination for each safe. And while some safes will earn the duo points, others will reveal pieces of a key that will unlock the final safe protecting the bullion. Can you win the prize before the alarm goes off?

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