Digital Cluedo

Inquire, question, and investigate! Cluedo mobilizes the whole team to reveal the long-awaited truth with a series of clues
Cluedo - Digital survey

The usual characters of the famous board game are replaced by fictitious suspects from within the company: the model employee, the intern, the new intern, the marketing manager or the accountant… But who could have caused such a bad situation among these imaginary characters? With your team members, investigate to unmask the culprit and his motive, and adopt good practices by learning from the game.

An anomaly mysteriously occurs in the company, the team of players mobilize to find the motive and the culprit of the incident.


Like in a Cluedo, the goal is to lead a digital investigation in a personalized universe to find clues along the game path in order to reveal the truth. No “classic crime”, no Colonel or candlestick here, but a tailor-made scenario encouraging players to shed light on an abnormal situation.

Players will have to pool their team spirit and logic, investigate, question witnesses and cross-reference information on business-related topics.

The game helps develop problem-solving and concentration skills. It generates collective learning experiences and encourages employees to raise potential problems while promoting teamwork.

Creating your digital game, how does it work?

The conception of Cluedo is done hand in hand between our Game Designers and your company’s teams. You tell us your objectives, problems, guidelines, and/or concepts that you want the players to draw from their experience; we discuss and determine the format together. Our games are customized to your company’s image and integrate all the elements you want to appear in the game, while respecting your graphic charter.

Our Recommendations

  • Duration

    Between 45 and 60 minutes to allow the players to get to the truth and solve the mystery

  • Number of players

    Starting at 4 participants per team

  • More

    Format adapted to the themes of prevention and awareness

Themes to explore

When you arrive at the office this morning, you learn that the cleaner is on sick leave due to an accident at work while handling a heavy plastic waste bin. But what happened? Why was the bin especially heavy this time? This is the beginning of a scenario designed around the theme of sustainable development and ecology. During this investigation, the team of players are  made aware of the different actions put in place within the company, such as waste sorting and recycling. What if the culprit was a mysterious glass jar found in the plastic bin?

You have just received a notification on your professional email: your CEO has disappeared and a mysterious email arrives: a secret organization wants to hack your technology… You have no choice but to unmask the hackers to prevent them from acting! The team investigation format lends itself to all themes, as we work hand in hand with you to best address these sometimes sensitive and unpopular topics. Instead of a long PowerPoint presentation where your prevention messages will get lost in too much information, why not offer your employees to become detectives and understand what caused their fake colleague to get hurt? Did he or she follow all the safety instructions?

Do you want to encourage the development of your employees’ interpersonal skills? Let’s put them to the test! Imagine a scenario where an anonymous customer has left you a negative review on the internet, claiming that your company has not lived up to its standards. In order to track down and find the file in question, you’ll need to use your interpersonal skills: initiative-taking, transparent communication, work organization and leadership. These skills, which are essential to the smooth functioning of the team, are developed and encouraged throughout the game. They will allow you to identify the problem internally, before revealing the identity of the customer in question and coming back to him with an explanation.

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