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Examples of Blended Learning Powered by Gamification

Blended learning combined with gamification can be a powerful training tool that can create exciting and effective learning experiences for your employees. In this blog post, we will explore two unique and different examples of how blended learning can be enriched with game elements that will ultimately drive employees engagement, motivation and knowledge retention.

Blended Learning Example 1: Phygital Retail Training

Digital Retail Transformation

Carrefour, the eighth largest retailer in the world, has launched a gamified retail training for its 150,000 employees worldwide. Developed by Emeraude Escape, the innovative training was designed to train both HQ and field employees. Within just 3 weeks, 85,000 employees in France completed this interactive training, available in both solo and multiplayer modes.

The solo game mode is fully digital, allowing employees to participate at their convenience from anywhere. Meanwhile, the multiplayer mode, known as blended/phygital mode, is conducted in a classroom workshop setting for field employees. A gamemaster leads the sessions, making the training engaging and dynamic.

During the training, participants collaborate, communicate, and brainstorm on the game content and gameplay displayed on screen. Live scores of the performance of each team on the leaderboard create a competitive spirit among teams. This gamified approach has proven to be lively, interactive, and memorable, enhancing the overall retail training experience for Carrefour’s employees.

Digital Retail training

Carrefour’s successful blended approach focuses on learners’ needs and profiles, providing an enriched blended learning experience. The game trains employees to embrace the use of technology in their daily working environment, regardless of their roles, and accelerate digital skills across the organization.

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Blended Learning Example 2: ‘Back Together!’ Team Building

microsoft x emeraude

Microsoft welcomed its employees back to campus in 2021 after an extended period of remote work. To strengthen connection and rediscovery, they organized a hybrid treasure hunt escape room. Through digital content on their smartphones, employees explored the campus, solving puzzles and clues that align with learning objectives and outcomes of Team Building activity. This engaging and cooperative game created a friendly atmosphere on the ‘back together’ day at Microsoft, helping employees learn more about their workplace and get to know their coworkers anew while having fun.

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Why Blended Learning x Gamification?

Leveraging gamification for blended learning can be a great method to receive and provide immediate and useful feedback between learners and training coach/game master. It can create an atmosphere focused on progress and achievement, that helps maintain and encourage learner retention and engagement. Plus, the training will be fun and the participants will tap into the content of the learning objectives easily.

Women at the meeting

In our model of blended learning, the employees will be exposed to a mix of in-person and virtual learning activities simultaneously in a physical environment, allowing a more dynamic and personalized learning journey. 

Gamification being a key component of this approach at Emeraude Escape, where game mechanics and game design are integrated into the learning content of your key messages, the outcomes are expected to create a sense of achievement and friendly competition amongst your employees.

The benefits of Emeraude’s gamified blended learning are numerous. You can mainly anticipate:

  • Active participation and collaboration
  • Self-directed learning
  • Multisensorial stimulation
  • Improved commitment
  • Increased information retention.

To create a dynamic and engaging learning environment for your sales knowledge training, for the awareness of organizational change, for your leadership program and your internal communication solutions, Emeraude Escape can design and develop a custom blended learning game that can be enjoyable, effective and adaptable to the diverse needs of the modern working environment.

What you can do with Emeraude Escape technically!

  • A game 100% tailor-made to your brand DNA and identity
  • A unique scenario created based on your key messages and learning objectives
  • A seamless communication between your team and our creative team that can ensure the success
  • A high-end premium game that can be developed between 1 and 2-month time
  • A platform that belongs to you 100%: use it as often and long as your want without any additional cost
  • A game guarded by the highest security standards, following ISO 27001 data protection and security standards

Emeraude Game Gallery


  • Our games can be integrated into any LMS
  • Both desktop and mobile responsive
  • Available in solo and multiplayer mode for all digital game
  • Up to 200 000 players can play our digital games simultaneously worldwide

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