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Printemps – Escape Room experience for an in-store event

in-store brand activation

Marketing – Experiential Marketing

Game format:
Immersive Escape Room

General public

Printemps Haussmann, Luxury Department Store, France

escape room for experiential marketing

About Printemps

Located in the heart of Paris, Printemps is the world leading Department Store for Fashion, Luxury and Beauty. With over 44000 sqm organized throughout three buildings within 27 levels, Printemps is the landmark shopping destination for high-end consumers.

Printemps Window Displays

The pop-up escape room was unveiled during the windows opening ceremony by ISABELLE HUPPERT and NAOMI CAMPBELL.

This year, for the holidays at Printemps, Santa Claus is playing the role of Ringmaster “Monsieur Loyal” and bringing his troupe along for an extravagant tour of shows that will amaze kids and adults alike.

Coupole printemps

This special entertainment designed by Emeraude Escape for Christmas at Printemps Haussmann aims to stay more than 2 months at the 7th floor under the big dome.

The purpose was to fit with the artistic direction of the whole store, including famous outdoor window displays. The escape room is open to anyone who visits Printemps during the holidays season. The game can be played in both English and French.

escape room for experiential marketing

Greetings by the Game Master

At the entrance of the marquee, players will be greeted by the game master who introduces them to the experience they’re about to live.

The goal is to solve the mysterious disappearance of the ringmaster, Mr. Loyal. To find him, players need to solve 5 puzzles that are linked together.



Key Datas

in-store brand activation
  • 20 minutes
  • 2 to 5 players
  • 25 square meters
  • Built in less than 4 hours on-site
  • Opened 7/7 days
  • In the middle 7th Floor

Clues Hidden in Circus Themed Objects

To find the correct hidden cards blended with the decorative objects inside the marquee, players can choose a random starting point to play and that makes the game more interesting. Inside the marquee, beautiful decorative displays fully designed in-house by Emeraude can be seen:

  • dartboard target
  • ball pit canon
  • caravan
  • magic mirror
  • crystal ball
  • tarot cards
  • drawstring for puppet show
  • roll-up crank

Masterful Craftsmanship

All decorative displays were crafted with care by Emeraude Designer Team to give the visitors an immersive experience of the escape room.

escape room for experiential marketing

Where is Mr. Loyal?

While playing the game and finding clues hidden in the decorative items, players will walk through the magical experience created within the marquee. In the end, will the players find Mr. Loyal or not ..? Find out for yourself at 64 Boulevard Haussmann, 75009 Paris. This escape room experience is open to public till 9 January 2023.


Come on in, Gentlemen! Come on in, Ladies!
Take place under the glass dome, full of lights and dreams
But Sacrebleu, at the Great Circus tonight
Our Ringmaster really seems to be out of sight!
Could he have disappeared under the snow?
Without him the troupe cannot put on a show
Clowns, cannon men, tightrope and stilt walkers
are lost and not in the mood to celebrate any longer!
They are all counting on you to solve the mystery
of this disappearance, which we hope will be solved shortly!
No time to lose, you have 20 minutes to help us
this year’s event at Printemps is the Christmas Circus!


Here’s a preview of the immersive Escape Room we designed for Le Printemps.

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