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Amplify and Accelerate your Training Outcomes with AI

Generative AI was the defining trend of 2023. Gartner reports that in the last 10 months, 50% of surveyed organizations have increased investment in Generative AI. Additionally, 44% are piloting generative AI, and 10% have already put it into production. Compare this to 15% and 4%, respectively, in March and April of 2023. With the rise of tools such as ChatGPT, Dall-E, Midjourney and a host of other AI platforms, this technology has become part of everyday life for millions of people, individuals and professionals alike. Discover how AI is accelerating employee development and training.

What is generative AI?

First of all, what is generative AI? It’s a technology based on deep learning models capable of “learning” from unprocessed data they collect on the Internet. These models are able to generate content based on what they have learned, when asked. In simple terms, generative models create a simplified version of the information they have learned and use this to produce new creations that are similar, but never identical to the original examples such as images, videos, news items, articles, and so on.

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The difficulties of in-company training

Corporate training is pivotal to the development of your employees, as well as to the health of your business. Training your employees will not only enable you to improve their productivity and performance within your company, but will also ensure that your business remains competitive. Setting up an AI learning platform is a real challenge. In order for you to answer the specific needs of your employees and to provide a truly effective corporate e-learning program, you should take a number of criteria into account.

  • Keeping up with fast-changing technologies: Your e-learning needs to keep up with the market’s technology advances. This isn’t easy with the rapid evolution of the market, but with the emergence of new tools and technologies, training and development programs need to adapt quickly to incorporate these changes and offer your employees to remain skilled and competitive.
  • Personalization and accessibility: Your training needs to meet the individual learning needs of your employees while establishing itself on a large scale, which is a difficult balance to maintain. With the variety of profiles found in today’s workforce, especially the millennials and gen-z reshaping corporate dynamics, personalization is now the key to achieve enhanced engagement and optimal results from the training.

Find out how to increase employee engagement with AI, but also gamification!

Learning & AI

How generative AI accelerates employee training

With generative AI integrated into your learning platform, the custom e-learning solution can offer more features adapted to the personalized learning experiences of your learners where each specific need is addressed.

A. Boosting the learning experience

Integrating generative AI into your e-learning can boost your employees’ learning experience. More than just a technology, AI can be a real learning partner. You can integrate AI in different ways and at different levels:

Chatbot: An AI-powered coach-like chatbot that answers learners’ questions, explains key concepts and is available at all times during the learning.

Gamification: With AI e-learning, it’s totally possible to implement game mechanisms in your training. According to a study by tech reports, gamified training increases skills retention by around 40%. AI will help you generate scenarios or game mechanisms that will change the dynamics of your experience.

Feedback and support: With generative AI, learners can get reliable support at every stage of the training process. This immediate response mechanism allows learners to make choices effectively, understand and correct the mistakes quickly.

Analysis of responses: AI can synthesize the data retrieved (time spent, responses given at each stage) to provide learners with a summary of their performance. Training then becomes a moment of analysis and assessment for learners, during which they can determine their strengths and weaknesses.

B. Personalized experience

​​Integrating generative AI into e-learning enhances the experience by tailoring training to the unique needs of each user. It creates personalized learning experiences by adjusting content, difficulty and teaching methods to individual preferences and needs.

By continuously analyzing interactions and performance, generative AI is able to offer tailor-made content that captures learners’ attention and stimulates their motivation. Besides, this individualized approach promotes better retention of information and more effective application of knowledge in real-life situations.

C. Lasting and enriching experience

Training via generative AI represents a revolution in learning, offering an experience that improves over time and is constantly enriched. This perpetual evolution is made possible by generative AI’s unique ability to learn from interactions. 

With each exchange with learners, the AI gathers valuable data on their preferences, performance and difficulties, enabling it to refine and adapt its teaching methods. As a result, the more AI exchanges with users, the more expert it becomes in personalizing content, proposing adapted learning paths and implementing effective teaching strategies.

Dynamism, personalization and regular updates are the keys to developing engaging training. AI harvests learner data to better identify their needs and increase personalization that prompts them to focus on the key stages of their training rather than overloading it with information. Thanks to this personalization, each learning path is tailored to individual needs, significantly improving relevance and engagement with the training module.

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Final tips for successful implementation

For the AI-based e-learning to work, the technology and the learning methodologies must be combined cleverly. Provided that 64% of executives feel the urgency to adopt generative AI,  only 4% believe their organizations have the skills to do so, there is no easy way round nor shortcut to implementing Artificial Intelligence. Here are 3 tips for integrating AI into your training platform.

Define your needs and objectives: This is the first step, and it’s on the basis of your objectives that you’ll determine which AI functionalities will be relevant to your training program.

Identify suitable AI platforms: There are a multitude of AI platforms available today (chatGPT, Dall-e, etc.), so it’s up to you to integrate the one that’s right for your training program.

Train your AI: Train your AI with qualified data, run the thorough tests exhaustingly and adjust the parameters to achieve optimum rendering quality and optimize performance and costs.

Collect and analyze the data: This data is invaluable, and will allow you to improve your training by enriching it.

If you’d like to integrate AI into your training, contact our team of experts!

AI and training are a solid combination that has taken a significant shape in the corporate learning landscape. Explore the new dimensions offered by AI to anticipate the future of learning. But AI is a technology to be handled with care, therefore, it is essential to surround yourself with experts when creating your AI learning platform.

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